14/12/2019 Free Julian #Assange – Trafalgar Square/ Downing street Demonstration

Report by Joe Brack of EF PRess:

Trafalgar Square 12 noon Saturday 14th December 2019 25 supporters gathered to protest Julian Assange’s isolation and torture at the hands of Govenor Rob Davis’ cruel regime at Belmarsh Prison. Yesterday Judge Vanessa Baraitser at Westminster Magistrates Court sat in Court 3 to manage an Administrative extradition court hearing with Julian Assange via video link from Belmarsh.

Photo by Derek Jardine

He sat gaunt, emaciated. Fidgeting with his ill fitting prison top. White bearded and tired. The clerk stating that he was a Swedish citizen, corrected swiftly, an Australian citizen. Julian’s defence asked for better access to their client in Belmarsh as it had been restricted by the Govenor to such an extent that his right to legal representation was being denied. Judge Baraitser was unsympathetic and claimed she had no jurisdiction over his treatment or legal access and as did Pontius Pilot, wash her hands of any responsibility.

Julian’s defence cited recent authorities where a judge has intervened over treatment of remand prisoners. Baraitser again denied any power to intervene and Govenor Rob Davis can thus continue his torture.

Photo by EF Press

The Committee to Defend Julian Assange vow to fight on despite the recent electoral disappointment, when we hoped for a new UK government who would opposed his US extradition. Mushrooming support, with Global interest and outrage, covered by independent media, in print and online, keeps Julian Assange’s suffering and sacrifice in mind and in the light of public scrutiny.

Then his supporters went to Downing Street to protest and barrack our absent Prime Minister. One commented ‘f@#$ ,em all, we’re fighting for Julian.’ While others gave speeches decrying the Merchants of Death and their Preachers of Hate. We love and support Julian Assange for his antiwar work with Wikileaks especially in defence of victims of war and the slaughter of ‘collateral murder ‘.

Photo by EF Press

The protest continues at Westminster Magistrates Court 19th and 20th December 2019 at 9am for a case management hearing and then an interview in person via video link to the Spanish Judge José de la Mata of Spain’s High Court, the Audiencia Nacional enquiring of UC Global’s spying on Julian in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

The demonstration moved peacefully to No 10 Downing street challenging the new UK government to Free Julian Assange.

Photo by EF Press

Photo by EF Press

Claudia was again promoting the ‘we are millions’ campaign:

Photos by Claudia M Cuartas F

Please visit the links below for more photos by Claudia M Cuartas F from the action:



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