A poem by Lauri Love in support of Julian Assange 20/12/2019

Thank you Cynthia for reading a poem written by Lauri Love in solidarity with Julian Assange on the day he gave his shorn testament to Spanish judge de la Mata on UC Global spying on him inside the Ecuadorian Embassy for years at the behest of the US Intelligence agencies.

He wrote:

Although I’m not today, I have been here
I’ve sat there in that dock and felt the fear
As the ticking clock bright judgement near
In the balance hanging all that I held dear
and wondered if the scales would come out true…

But in that tempest I stood not alone
Came courage from the faith of others shown
So to Julian, our friend, we must make known
The light you brought the world will guide you home
and truth despite the darkness shines on through….

For neither judgement nor justice could exist
Without the truth in which the both subsist
Our friend, through us take comfort and persist
A morn yet comes on nights as bleak as this
and freedom’s dawn shall meet once more with you.”

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