Will Sadiq Khan answer the questions by London Assembly regarding CIA/Metpol #Assange surveillance?

Democracy is all we’ve got to safeguard our Human Rights and the rights of those we care about. What has occurred inside and outside the Ecuadorian Embassy with the surveillance against Julian Assange is as shameful as is dangerous for our civil rights and freedoms. Very grateful to Andy Muller Maguhn for his presentation at the Chaos Communications Congress

I sent the presentation to the London Assembly with a request to ask the London Mayor Sadiq Kahn some questions that may help our understanding. Several questions have now been tabled by London Assembly member David Kurten and we will await with interest what will be revealed at the next mayor’s question time on 16th of January 2020:

1. Did the Metropolitan Police work with the CIA to monitor the Ecuadorian Embassy while Julian Assange was resident there? If so, were you aware of any collaboration between the Metropolitan Police and the CIA?


2. Were you aware of a laser microphone allegedly being used by the Metropolitan Police to monitor the Ecuadorian Embassy when Julian Assange was resident? If so, to what extent was such equipment funded by the Metropolitan Police?


3.To what extent did the Metropolitan Police monitor supporters of Julian Assange who were present from time to time outside the Ecuadorian Embassy whilst he was resident there?


4. What were the total costs to the Metropolitan Police with respect to Julian Assange while he was resident in the Ecuadorian Embassy?


Will our democracy work this time? are we going to get some understanding of what has been done to Julian Assange in our name. how much money has been squandered to keep Julian Assange trapped inside the Ecuadorian Embassy?

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