Julian #Assange banner flies high at Stop The War rally in Trafalgar Square

Joe Brack from EF Press reports:

“Portland Place to Trafalgar Square Rally Stop the War gathered several thousand supporters to protest for peace. 15 Committee to Defend Julian Assange members, supporters and friends rallied in solidarity.

The March was swift and at the base of Nelson’s column on the lions’ plinth the speakers commenced condemning war and pleading for Iran’s sovereignty.

A platform including Tariq Ali, Jeremey Corbyn, Diane Abbott and more. Not one mention of Julian Assange. No word of thanks to Wikileaks for the War Logs scoop. No objection to his sedation, torture, and isolation in Belmarsh, not a few miles from where they stood.  A very surprising and calculated omission.

Dispondent but undefeated we vowed to speak out and hold those who know the truth, but remain silent, to account for Julian Assange’s treatment by British State actors.”




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