Canvassing in London’s Muswell Hill in support of Julian #Assange publisher of #WikiLeaks

We thank David and the others who canvassed Muswell Hill in support of Julian Assange the WikiLeaks publisher! If you want to organise canvassing in your local area, please contact for flyers and posters.

Kidnapped Journalist Hostage to US Rendition Protest in North London Shock!

Report by Joe Brack EF Press

Muswell Hill Broadway 11am on a sunny Saturday morning a dozen CDJA members gathered to support Julian Assange and raise awareness of his treatment of isolation and torture at the hands of US/UK administrations. Over 500 leaflets telling the truth about Julian and advertising upcoming events were handed out. Emails were given for updates and action information.

A very good reception and excellent engagement with concerned citizens of Haringey. We detailed his current treatment by Govenor Rob Davis’ cruel and brutal regime at Belmarsh Prison and had discussions on Swedish and Security Services talking points. There is still misunderstanding and slanderous tropes that persist, perhaps from a decade of trial by media and institutional condemnation that must be challenged and countered in the on-going struggle to free Julian Assange and hold those responsible for war criminality and ethnic cleansing to account.

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