26/01/2020 Canvassing support for Julian #Assange in Camden

JADC Brings Protest to Camden Town Public Shock at Mistreatment of Australian Journalist!

 10 Committee Members gathered opposite Camden tube station to raise awareness of Julian Assange’s treatment at the hands of US Federal prosecutors and UK Crown Prosecution Service. Over 600 leaflets and Event flyers were handed out. 10 email addresses left for updates. Italian street busker, Davide, was great and sang Roger Waters’ ‘Wish You Were Here’ in support’.

Good people engaged and supported Julian and were interested in up coming events. However there was still a lack of awareness from a lot of people and discussions helped fill in some of the gaps, but we did hear some Security State talking points on data theft and endangerment of Security agents. No mention of the Swedish nonsense, so some progress.

Home made signs were produced by Alison and Ariya promoting the Roger Waters Julian Assange Australia House Rally 22 February 2020 and were very effective in attracting interest.

Three hours of leafleting, discussion, speeches and music livened up a drizzly Camden afternoon and communicated the urgent message to Free Julian Assange and hold his tormentors to account.

Joe Brack EF Press

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