International Law vs English inJustice in the Julian Assange case, a perspective by EF Press

EF Press Asks: to UN or not to UN?
As Julian Assange suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune EF Press demands an end to this farcical Extradition Show Trial. Only an International Tribunal is qualified to decide the culpability of the World renowned journalist and publisher. His fate, and that of freedom of the press, hangs precariously in the balance. No less than five sovereign States, US, UK, Sweden, Ecuador, Australia, have conspired and spent hundreds of millions of dollars on surveillance, economic sanctions, prosecution, persecution, slander, libel, humiliation, ridicule with the denial of human rights and freedom of speech.
Close to a thousand years of English legal precedent ignored. The Magna Carta, the foundation stone of English Constitutional law, protects Baron and peasant alike from arbitrary arrest and torture at the hand of the Monarch and their State servants: The right to a fair trial, privacy and access to legal counsel, habeas corpus, the right to see the accused in person. All these hard won rights, and more, ignored, dismissed, ridiculed, derided. As our National legal system collapses under the weight of hypocrisy,  illegality, privilege  and nepotism we can ONLY rely on an International Tribunal to not only rule on Julian Assange’s liberty and his Freedom of Speech but more importantly, to investigate and prosecute his tormentors with irrefutable evidence of War Crimes published by Wikileaks, a matter of public record available to anyone with an internet connection and celebrated by award winning journalists and news organisations throughout the World.
You’ve read the lies, now hear the truth. US Attorney General William Pelham Barr, Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson, Home Secretary Priti Patel, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Parliament, Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot, National Security Services and last but not least Governor Rob Davis, the Doctor Mengele of Belmarsh, our very own Angel of Death, are all utterly convinced that Julian Assange should be rendered to Virginia State Supermax to face a living death sentence of 175 years for Data Theft and Espionage.
They are in no rush. A decade of persecution and another decade of prosecution is the plan. Slowly, slowly. Their real fear is the higher courts that would surely deny this outrageous and illegal persecution. To render an Australian citizen, a guest in our country, an award winning journalist and publisher, from sovereign English soil to a foreign Super Power will never survive authoritative legal scrutiny. They loathe International accountability, have no respect for International law, treaties and obligations once freely agreed. Now cast aside.
As these creatures of the night crawl out from under their rocks crying National Security and data protection our fundamental rights are denied and National and International law disrespected and ignored. EF Press demands UN jurisdiction and  oversight and an end to this farcical Show Trial of the Century, commencing 24 February 2020 at Belmarsh C.C Magistrates Court. Be There!
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