Photos and videos from 25/01/2020 Rally with the Yellow Vests at Belmarsh prison

Very grateful to Claudia for these photos and very grateful for all the media who covered our solidarity action

Report by Joe Brack of EF Press

Bastille Day at Belmarsh!  Gilets Jaunes’ Julian Assange Outcry.

The Committee to Defend Julian Assange joined more than a hundred Gilets Jaunes to protest the continued detention of the World renowned journalist and publisher. Nearly 200 people from France, UK, Europe and around the world raised the cry for Freedom with marches, prison siege tactics with many a chorus of support and condemnation.

Corinne, Gilets Jaune Organiser, spoke movingly about the growing support, ‘A huge event today and we’ll come back as soon as possible. We will never step down, we’ll fight for Julian as long as we can. We are here for you, we’ll never forget you. A very courageous man always doing your job. Thank you Julian!’

Along the central reservation a huge marquee contained the information desk, food stall, music and seating. Across the road outside Belmarsh Prison Magistrates Court entrance a new CDJA media analysis and communication centre opened with live video links to Gordon Dimmack at the Scotland Must Resist event.

German Journalist Moritz Müller condemned the Show Trial farce, ‘releasing Julian into the general prison population is a step in the right direction, but we know he should not be in a high security prison on remand. He should be in hospital or house arrest. It’s the same shock in Germany as in London. How can the UN Rapporteur (Nils Melzer) ask questions they are just not answered and ignored? As Glenn Greenwald is now being investigated (in Brazil) it’s crunch time for free journalism and human rights.’

Indeed. The parallel prosecution in Brazil on data theft and espionage charges highlights the widening war on free speech by desperate regime panic at exposure and accountability.

Elsa, JADC, at the gates of Belmarsh, called out the injustice of Julian’s incarceration, ‘Julian Assange has been brutally persecuted by the State for publishing truthful information on US, UK and allies war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Bolivia and many countries across the World!’

Photo by Claudia 25/01/2020 outside Belmarsh

This historic battle for freedom continues unabated and knowing the truth about the persecution he suffers and the war crimes Wikileaks exposes drives our outrage and commitment to Free Julian Assange!

Joe Brack, EF Press


Some great videos were created and shared on Twitter:

More reporting at the Canary and WSWS, WSWS WSWS TPP (Greek) .

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