3/2/2020 Free The Truth event in support of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks

Organised by Deepa Govindarajan Driver & Professor Iain Munro @deepa_driver and supported by JADC #FreeTheTruth event brought together some powerful voices in defence of Human Rights and Julian Assange. See event’s Eventbrite for biographies of the speakers

5000 Flyers were distributed by volunteers all over London advertising the event. Free The Truth signature graphics donated by Somerset Bean. Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian Embassy is taking a look at the street outside through a curtain.

Listen to the speeches, be inspired and take action in defence of Human Rights, for Julian Assange and for the future of democracy in this country and internationally.

We listened to Nils Melzer take us through civil society’s efforts to establish democracy by bringing down authoritarian power by separating the powers of legislature judicial authority and executive government. He talked about the role of the press bringing checks and balances to power and its function in revealing collusion within the separated powers and its necessity in maintaining the rule of law. He exposed the corruption of due process in the Julian Assange case. He has been hunted for years, judicial prosecution in order to intimidate him into stopping his investigative journalism.

The beautiful Somerset Been 2 metre tall roller banners with supportive messages from the National Union of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists provided a backdrop for the speeches at St.Pancras Church, Euston Road. Here, former UK Ambassador Craig Murray and Lisa Longstaff from Women Against Rape take their positions before the event starts.

Flyers in support of Julian Assange were distributed to the audience as well as leaflets advertising the DEA Campaign organised march on the 22nd of February from Australia House to Parliament square with an event there as well as their call out for a protest on the 24th of February outside Belmarsh Magistrates Court. Thousands of Leaflets were distributed around volunteers for flyering around London. Very Grateful to Somerset Bean for donating the amazing Flyer Graphics

The Event was attended by 120 people, mostly activists, who came to listen and inspired by a panel of impressive speakers in defence of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Human Rights.

St Pancras once more was a beautiful venue for the Free The Truth Event.

Very Grateful to Gordon Dimmack for the livestream:

Many thanks to Drew for setting up the sound system, Gordon Dimmack for the videos and livestream, all the volunteer stewards who set up and looked after people. Go for more coverage to Mohamed ElMaazi at Sputnik

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