Saturday 15th February 2020 – Julian #Assange Show Trial Portobello Parade

A wonderful action by Free Assange activists was undertaken in the streets of London! Thank you ladies and gents for attracting attention to the plight of Julian Assange imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher languishing inside maximum security Belmarsh prison. He awaits his extradition hearing, starting on Monday 24th of February at Belmarsh Magistrates Court inside Woolwich Crown Court. Thank you, thank you very much for standing up for Julian’s freedom!

With thanks to Joe Brack from EF Press for the reporting and photos:

Julian Assange Show Trial Portobello Parade started at Ladbroke Grove station with leafleting and discussion, then under the Westway to Portobello Road. Led by Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot with her Hammer of Injustice, followed by the Accused masked, Gitmo jumpsuited, chained, their slow shuffle causing public shock in West London’s premiere market.

Hundreds of event flyers and fact sheets were handed out to engaged and supportive North Kensington citizens and visitors alike. Shock at his treatment and disbelief at the Show Trial of the Century at Woolwich Crown Court, Belmarsh by Thamesmead on 24 Feb 2020 could ever happen in 21st C. UK.

Committee members and supporters put on an excellent Show Trial Parade with Free Speech, Human Rights and International Law all respected and upheld. No members of the public were harmed nor any arrests for public disorder made at this peaceful parade. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Julian’s persecutors, yet still unaccountable for their criminality and corruption!

The protest then moved to Camden High Street for further action. I was impressed by the Assange actors and the Chief Magistrate who created a Spectacle of Injustice that was most effective in conveying the continuing farce of Julian’s Show Trial Nightmare.

Joe Brack, EF Press

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