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On World Press Freedom Day – New Campaign for Julian #Assange – The Elephant in the Room

By Alison Mason Campaign co-ordinator @alimay101234 #Campaign Outline – Please HELP and How to Help (Tue-M4) (1) On UN’s Press Freedom Day 3rd of May 2020 let’s help the truth about Julian Assange set him free. Introducing new Campaign – “The … Continue reading

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For Julian #Assange on World Press Freedom Day, May 3rd

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By Alison Mason @alimay101234 (Download PDF here) The Truth will set us FREE – World Press Freedom Day (Tue-M4) The Truth Will Set Us Free As civil society checks the temperature and health of press freedom on the UN’s World … Continue reading

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Member of Parliament supports #Assange Freedom

The letter writing campaign continues strong and many supporters are prolific writers in support of Julian Assange, educating Members of Parliament and lobbying for the release of WikiLeaks publisher. The easiest way to write a letter to your MP is … Continue reading

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26/04/20 – Open Letters & Petitions in support of #WikiLeak’s Julian #Assange

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For today’s #Twitterstorm in support of Julian Assange the Publisher of #WikiLeaks please use below list of Petitions and open letter to champion his freedom! This treasure trove of ready to use resources has been compiled by La Fleur Productions‏ @LaFleurDelSur  … Continue reading

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Correcting The Record in the Julian Assange Case – The Guardian

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The Newspaper The Guardian was instrumental in 2010 WikiLeaks publications. It was their journalist Nick Davies who invited Julian Assange to form a co-operation with the paper in the publication of the Afghanistan War Logs that then led to their … Continue reading

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Wonderful to see new initiatives being formed to support solidarity for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange at an international level, in the last few months a new wiki offers excellent resources for supporters to use. Here tips to supporters are reproduced. … Continue reading

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Collateral Murder 10 years on: Short documentary

With many thanks to for allowing an easy download, we are proud to host a short documentary on the WikiLeaks release “Collateral Murder 10 years on”. It is extraordinary that youtube is censoring it! .@YouTube is censoring the video … Continue reading

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Correct the Record in the Julian #Assange Case – The Daily Mail

From Wikipedia “DMG Media owns the Daily Mail, MailOnline, the Mail on Sunday, Metro, Wowcher, Jobsite and Jobrapido. Its portfolio of national newspapers, websites and mobile and tablet applications regularly reach 55% of the GB adult population: it includes two major paid-for national newspaper … Continue reading

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Lobby Parliament for Julian Assange! – Shadow cabinet responsibilities in relation to justice, prisons

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Scrutinising the government is very important in the fight to get Julian Assange freed and re-united with his loving family. Her Majesty’s opposition role in the House of Commons is exactly that! Please write to them in support of Julian … Continue reading

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More Members of Parliament act on Constituents’ concern for Julian #Assange at Belmarsh

Please listen to Stella Moris who has stood by Julian Assange for years at the embassy and during the even darker months and years incarcerated in Belmarsh. She is encouraging supporters to write to our politicians in support of Julian … Continue reading

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