26/04/20 – Open Letters & Petitions in support of #WikiLeak’s Julian #Assange

For today’s #Twitterstorm in support of Julian Assange the Publisher of #WikiLeaks please use below list of Petitions and open letter to champion his freedom!

This treasure trove of ready to use resources has been compiled by

Relevant people can sign any of these via the links below.

International Journalists Statement in support of Assange [Website]
International Medical professionals Open letters from Doctors4Assange [Website]
International Jurists Open letter to UK authorities in support of Assange [Website]
International Artists:”Do not extradite [or] persecute him. Release him” [Change.org]

UK Citizens calling UK authorities to refuse to hand over Assange to the US [Change.org]
AU Citizens Open letter to Scott Morrison – Australia  [SImon Floth Website]
US Citizens urging judge Baraitser not to order extradition of Assange [Roots [Website]
DE Petition  urging release of Julian Assange [Assange-Helfen.de]
International call to free Assange (Philip Adams)  [Change.org]
International  to the UK Govt – don’t extradite Assange [DIEM25]
International  Reporters Without Borders urges UK govt not to extradite [RSF Website]
International  urging US to drop charges against Assange [Amnesty International]
International  urging govts to release journalists from prison [Com to Protect Journalists]
International  urging Priti Patel to release Assange from prison re Covid-19 [Change.Org]
International  urging that Julian Assange be appointed head of an
                  international enquiry into the origins of & responses to coronavirus [Change.Org]


See also Defend.WikilLeaks LIVE BLOG
Don’tExtraditeAssange Statements

DE German Assange Campaign
The ChallengePower wiki dedicated to Julian Assange
The Challenge Power Wikileaks bibliography (inc access to free PDFs).  

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  1. Jamie says:

    This is great work and very useful. Seperately we have produced a list of journalists with their contact details so we could send on of the letters here that is prepared for journalists to sign. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE

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