On World Press Freedom Day – New Campaign for Julian #Assange – The Elephant in the Room

By Alison Mason Campaign co-ordinator @alimay101234

#Campaign Outline – Please HELP and How to Help (Tue-M4) (1)

On UN’s Press Freedom Day 3rd of May 2020 let’s help the truth about Julian Assange set him free. Introducing new Campaign – “The Elephant in the Room”

Campaign Outline:

AIM: We want to contact and remind Journalist of this Sunday’s Press Freedom Day and ask them to write news stories that include Julian Assange (in favourable light). 

Short description:

The UN’s World Press Freedom Day is May 3. Julian Assange is the Elephant in the Room. The press needs to shine a light on his predicament in order to save itself – every investigative journalist and news outlet could face the same fate as Julian if he is extradited to the US for revealing the truth. Without Julian’s freedom it follows that there will be no press freedom. In the week before this day we will activate our campaign (this week).

What we will do:

  1. Our job is to call and email as many journalists that we can. We ask them politely but firmly if they can write a story to publicise the issue of Free Assange for World Press Freedom Day, May 3. We provide two lists – provided two lists – one from independent media or already sympathetic journalists (Jurno-Pro) download it here: (DATA – Journalists 1500x that Signed Open Letter Supporting Julian Assange M2 ) and another Press list from general mainstream media journalists (Journo-General). Take note of their responses and follow up on the good ones who promised to write about Julian. Make a list of these. We want you to make your approach unique to you, so we look like an organic groundswell of public pressure, not 6 people on an identical campaign, easily dismissed by the seasoned journalist.  Use as much or as little of our content as you like, feel free to change anything.
  1. There is a campaign pack with graphics, stories and links to other pertinent information/stories that have been written which you can provide to the journalists as background (Menu of Articles). The pack includes an editorial which you can simulate or use directly on social media to draw more attention to Julian’s plight and to mimick what ought to be the response of MSM (mainstream media). Use the graphic and stories on social media posts yourself.
  2. On World Press Freedom Day, Tweet and Facebook post as many stories as you can repeatedly during the day, using the hashtags:

#WorldPressFreedomDay #ElephantInTheRoom  (Key hashtags)#WPFD  #WPFD2020  #COVID19  #SaveAssangeCovid19  #BailAssangeUK #DontKillAssangeUSA  #FreeAssangeNOW  #SaveJulian  #FreetheTruth #FreetheTruthteller  #IamAssange  #WeAreAllAssange  #PressFreedom #PressFreedomAssange  #JuliansFreedomIsOurFreedom #NoFreePressWithoutAssange etc etc make up your own or use any of these.

The more hashtags the better especially the ones without Assange because they slip through the algorithms they use to deliberately limit Assange hashtags.

  1. Join the worldwide Zoom webinar being run out of Sydney to listen and Tweet from so you attract people to it. We are trying to participate in this. Link to be given.
  2. Zoom bomb (public links) any webinar on World Press Freedom Day to ask questions about Julian Assange and how the UN should draw attention to his plight. You can ask questions in the chat field and if they put you on camera quickly turn the focus to Julian.

You can download the Campaign Pack here:

Menu of Article (IDEAS) – Stories Yet to be Told (Tue-M4)

Campaign Words – Feel Free to Adjust to your own Style (Tue-M4)

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  2. Alison says:

    Fantastic Jamie

  3. Jamie says:

    Whow, this is brilliant! What a great idea. I have already started contacting journalists via their contact page on their website and, or their twitter handles.

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