US Extradition request should not be granted says MP about #Assange

WikiLeaks supporters are tireless in writing letters to their MPs highlighting the plight of Julian Assange and lobbying to Don’t Extradite #Assange. Here is another hopeful reply:

Reply to Constituent by Kate Osamor Member of Parliament for Edmonton

Thank you for your email about Julian Assange. I have supported the Government decision
to release some prisoners early as a result of the pandemic and called on them to go further, closing immigration detention centres.

It is also essential that all those who remain in Prison, including Mr Assange, are as safe as possible. 10 years of Government cuts and privatisation have left our prison service vulnerable to COVID-19. My priority is therefore ensuring that the Justice Secretary does everything possible to ensure the spread of COVID-19 in our prisons is as limited as possible.

With regards to the specific case of Julian Assange, given the high-profile nature of the case and the request for extradition by the Americans is it not unsurprising that the Government have not released him early. However, it is my belief that the United States extradition request should not be granted as he faces a significant threat to his human rights if the request is granted.

Thank you for writing to me about this issue, should you have further concerns please do contact me again.

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2 Responses to US Extradition request should not be granted says MP about #Assange

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks Emmy. That is another encouraging reply from a Labour MP. It seems more politicians are beginning to understand this shameful case of torture and injustice. This has encouraged me to write to my MP again and the MOJ.

  2. Doris Pfalmer says:

    Let him go!!

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