HM Prison and Probation Service – Latest on Julian #Assange concerns

I have seen over a dozen replies from the HM Prison and Probation Service to supporters who have written with serious concerns about the wellbeing and safety of Julian Assange, UK’s political prisoner. He has been Arbitrarily Detained for years, Psychologically tortured through smears, lawfare and a CIA operation against him with the seal of approval from UK intelligence, including being complicit. Yet, if you were to read the letters by HM Prison and Probation Service you’d be forgiven to think that the British state institutions remain benevolent.

Let’s keep writing to them so they are aware people care about Julian Assange and question the way he is being treated.

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3 Responses to HM Prison and Probation Service – Latest on Julian #Assange concerns

  1. Jamie says:

    Thank you for publishing this response the prison service. It is more flannel. They don’t answer the basic questions of why is Julian still being held in prison and not allowed bail. They claim he is not in solitary confinement, when we all know he is and for up to 23.5 hours per day. They paint a picture of a happy family in Belmarsh, when an article in the Daily Maverick describes the reality in Britains Guantanamo Bay. More Gov lies.

  2. Andrew says:

    they cannot provide information unless assange says to the prison staff that they can and they will only give basic information confirming him as a prisoner. other than that the prison staff will advise you to request of Assange permissions to write to him. If assange agrees you will be allowed to write to him and he might write back.

  3. Texas says:

    I do not understand the British government position to torture

    and imprison Assange, a journalist who published truthful facts that did not even criticize Great Britain ‘ s policies. Assange has not committed a crime in Britain. Yet, they are carrying out the unlawful imprisonment of this journalist at British taxpayer expense. He is not their citizen. His country does not claim he has committed a crime. I find it to be morally wrong. It is not what a civilized country would do. This is not even what one would expect from a rogue nation.

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