Free Assange Face masks Design and UK suppliers

Covid-19 has curtailed our street actions in support of Julian Assange but Face masks are an easy way of being supportive under the Covid life style. We are very grateful to Brian Vickery @BvGroat who designed this beautiful graphic to be used in facemasks.

If you wish to order your personalised Free Assange Mask contact  order yours from Fabric Printer Contrado by clicking here:

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6 Responses to Free Assange Face masks Design and UK suppliers

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  2. Peter Russell says:

    Nice graphic but image size too small and rejected by Contrado.

  3. jim Haut says:

    How can you expect the Australian Government to help Julian, when they are a corporate fraud, who unlawfully, altered our Constitution !
    Go to “Liabilitymate” for evidence !

  4. Raphael says:

    Another design can be found here:
    My upload on has been removed immediately for some reason:

  5. Raphael says:

    I created an alternative design
    It can get printed on a mask in Austria on

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