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29/06/20 Solidarity with Julian #Assange at Westminster Magistrates court hearing

This gallery contains 43 photos.

Report by Joe Brack, EF Press, photos by Joe Brack and Alison Mason US v Julian Assange. Westminster Magistrates Court 29 June 2020 Arriving at the Court around 8.30am a posse of press were gathered around the side goods  entrance (human cargo only) … Continue reading

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27/06/20 – Solidarity is strong for Julian Assange with two London events Belmarsh and Piccadilly Circus

This gallery contains 31 photos.

Many thanks to  Joe Brack of EF Press for the excellent reporting and photos! From Woolwich to Westminster: Free Julian Assange! 27 June 2020 From Woolwich to Westminster the banner was raised to Free Julian Assange. Starting at HMP Belmarsh … Continue reading

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26/06/20 Solidarity Vigil for Julian #Assange outside the Home Office marking #UNTortureDay

This gallery contains 61 photos.

On UN Day in support of victims of torture a group of JADC members and supporters held a solidarity vigil outside the Home Office in London to highlight the plight of Julian Assange currently trapped in Belmarsh Prison. It was … Continue reading

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20/06/2020 Supporting WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange with vigils and speak outs outside Belmarsh Prison and London’s Piccadilly Circus

This gallery contains 41 photos.

So grateful to people who raised their voices to defend Julian Assange, engage in educating eachother and standing up for the best in human nature, a selfless and self sacrificing gift of knowledge, which the WIkiLeaks work is. Report by … Continue reading

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Correct the Record in the Julian #Assange Case – The Guardian

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In March Julian Assange’s legal team applied for Bail as Covid has imposed huge risks on the prison population. The WikiLeaks publisher had a new champion in his bail application, his partner Stella Morris who revealed that the ordeal of … Continue reading

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Van Diemens Land to Belmarsh in 200 Years – The parallel between Tolpuddle Martyrs and Julian Assange

This gallery contains 7 photos.

VAN DIEMENS LAND TO BELMARSH IN 200 YEARS By Helen Mercer “Give me the freedom to think, to speak and to argue freely, according to conscience above all other liberties” – George Loveless, the leader of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, 1834. … Continue reading

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Upcoming solidarity actions in support of Julian #Assange

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Keep safe in these difficult times, sending best wishes to all our members! We have started planning our street actions again observing social distancing at the same time. Please read about police powers on protests under Covid-19. We are very … Continue reading

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7/6/2020 – Julian Assange supporters stand in Solidarity with Black Lives Matters

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Report by Alison Mason photos from participants I joined Marty, Clara and Guillermo at Sunday’s Black Lives Matter assembly at the US Embassy to show solidarity with the cause and to network support for Julian’s plight. Overwhelmed by the vast … Continue reading

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13/6/20 – Solidarity with Julian Assange at Belmarsh and central London

This gallery contains 49 photos.

Report by Joe Brack EF Press A sunny Woolwich noon saw 12 JADC members & supporters gather to maintain the Vigil for Julian Assange. Locals engaged positively and Eric handed out flyers to motorists during 3 hours of protest. Interestingly … Continue reading

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Radio Free Assange!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

RADIO FREE ASSANGE! Radio Free Assange (a project of is a 24/7 radio program dedicated to ending the political persecution of Julian Assange. Radio Free Assange is an algorithmically curated collage of sound bits found online: songs and remixes, podcasts, … Continue reading

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