6/6/20 – Solidarity Vigil in Support of Julian Assange outside Belmarsh Prison

Report from Joe from EF Press, Photos from Joe, Marty and me.

The solidarity from drivers was amazing during the vigil

A cold, windy, slightly wet entrance to HMP Belmarsh saw 14 JADC members and supporters gather to protest Julian Assange’s continued incarceration within its forbidding walls. Upset & outrage were clearly expressed and supported by motorists & pedestrians who listened over the 4 hours of the vigil.

Banners and signs unfurled as yellow ribbons embraced trees nearby. Eric, steadfast in the central reservation, holding the Rule of Law Free Julian Assange sign. An inspiration to us younger activists.

Allison Mason, grassroots organiser, stated that ‘we have come at the first opportunity to get back out in support of Julian so he can hear our voices………and I hope every chance you get, to go out to call to free Assange.’

We marched up to Belmarsh gates to bring our message and condemnation to Governor Rob Davis and his Serco supplied staff and to inform fellow detainees of the arbitrary arrest and torture being caried out on a guest in the UK, an award winning journalist and publisher.

‘Habeus Corpus’ rang out over the walls, through barbed wire and under the anti-climb barriers. No police, no guards with dogs, no tattooed Serco bouncers appeared to challenge our protest. I guess busy with the protests against police brutality being met with police brutally.

Further proof of the decade of ill treatment of Julian Assange, brutality & torture, now being visited on those who object to our loss of freedom. As the US urban centres ignite with outrage and disgust at criminal justice in action that elevates a police officer to judge, jury and executioner, the UK blindly accepts the word of Federal Prosecutors who promote such misuse of power.

We held a Plumstead Parliament and all agreed to return to Belmarsh to keep Julian’s illegal kidnap, rendition and torture foremost in the current war on free speech & human rights. Without his freedom we have no freedom.

Joe Brack EF Press

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3 Responses to 6/6/20 – Solidarity Vigil in Support of Julian Assange outside Belmarsh Prison

  1. Jenny James says:

    So so glad you are still doing the vigils. I’m far away in the Andean mountains of Colombia but think of and agonize for Julian practically every day.
    I do not understand how he is surviving his interminable ‘lockdown’.
    I hope he can hear you all from inside.
    With love and worry,
    Jenny James,

  2. Jamie says:

    Brilliant words Alison and Joe. The UK people have woken up to the abuses and at last have begun to see the injustice relating to Julian Assange. Keep tooting and sharing this word. JULIAN’S FREEDOM IS OUR FREEDOM.

  3. Jamie says:

    You guys are stars for protesting infront of Belmarsh prison, in support of Julian Assange! Respect to you all for being there, despite the bad weather. The fact you are there gives strength to Julian and shows the UK this is wrong and must be stopped now. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE.

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