20/06/2020 Supporting WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange with vigils and speak outs outside Belmarsh Prison and London’s Piccadilly Circus

So grateful to people who raised their voices to defend Julian Assange, engage in educating eachother and standing up for the best in human nature, a selfless and self sacrificing gift of knowledge, which the WIkiLeaks work is.

Report by Joe Brack from EF Press, photos by Joe and Marty Bray.

At a monument to love voices are raised in defence of Julian Assange the publisher of WikiLeaks!

During a busy weekend of protest over 25 Committee members and supporters gathered on the steps of Eros, Piccadilly Circus, to maintain the vigil in support of Free Speech & Julian Assange. An info table was set up and supporters handed out flyers and engaged in discussion with the public and BLM protestors on their way to and from Hyde Park & Parliament Square.

Some were unaware that Julian was on remand, and shocked that he remains in Belmarsh Prison denied his legal and human rights. A loud discussion ensued when a lady objected to a Palestinian flag and accused us of Jew hatred. I tried to explain the difference between anti-zionism and antisemitism, and that we had occupied Piccadilly Circus in order to annex it and build a settlement in support of Julian Assange, but she walked off shouting about arabs and terrorists.

As a Jewish Atheist it is ironic & upsetting to be called a Jew hater as I have always supported freedom of belief and encourage all semitic peoples to come together and address the divisions between the children of Abraham and the illegal occupation of Palestine.

Apart from that one encounter, the overall response was very positive and we communicated the urgency and alarm at Julian’s mistreatment and torture to many who may have been unaware of the extent of punishment inflicted by the Extradition bench of Westminster Magistrates Court and Governor Rob Davis of HMP Belmarsh.

Eric, longtime supporter and Committee member, highlighted the role that a free press plays in preventing war crimes, stating, ‘Assange is the voice of the voiceless.’ Indeed, and Piccadilly Circus was witness to those who testify to end State terror, misrule of law and International illegality that has become the hallmark of the shocking US v Julian Assange Show Trial scheduled 7 September 2020.

Joe Brack EF Press

More photos and videos

Marty Bray

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4 Responses to 20/06/2020 Supporting WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange with vigils and speak outs outside Belmarsh Prison and London’s Piccadilly Circus

  1. Peter Thomas says:

    Hello Joe Brack,

    Thank You for Your work, thank You for EF Press.

    We held some vigils and had some demonstrations with FREE ASSANGE and Candles4Assange- posters in Hannover, Germany.

    Have You got an E-Mail-address or don´t You want to get bothered?

    Mine is: klyk@gmx.de

    I saw You (and Your daddy ?) being harassed and arrested near Piccadilly Circus!

    The Other Side is gettin’ more brutal, wiping away democratic rights even in Good Old England.

    Thank You very much for Your great background commentaries!

    Would You share Your E-Mail-Adress.

    All the best

    Peter Thomas
    Hannover, Germany


  2. Peter Thomas says:

    Very Good!!

    Great that You are on the Street again!
    Thank You very much Emmy an Joe, You both proved to have a great deal of stamina and a superb sense concerning justice and peace.

    Where do I get (I´m in Germany) the Yellow-and-Blue posters “Jail the war criminal – Free Julian Assange”?
    Wikileaks doesn`t have them!?

    Can You send me some?
    I send You $.

    Me and my friend are organizing vigils “Candles4Assange.de” in Hannover, Northern Germany.

    Keep up the Good Work.


    Peter Thomas

  3. chrispook@hotmail.co.uk says:

    I have been supportive for a long time and have tried introducing friends, but they get tired of the lengthy emails – messages and lose interest unfortunately, personally i think you could be more consice and gain much more interest from people .

  4. Great pics. Thankyou Joe and Emmy

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