26/06/20 Solidarity Vigil for Julian #Assange outside the Home Office marking #UNTortureDay

On UN Day in support of victims of torture a group of JADC members and supporters held a solidarity vigil outside the Home Office in London to highlight the plight of Julian Assange currently trapped in Belmarsh Prison.

Paola made a beautiful mosaic banner from flyers to bring to our action outside Home Office!

It was a fantastic action! We had speeches from Elsa, Eric, Joe, Alison and myself. Listened to Nils Melzer’ s short speeches through the youtube WikiLeaks channel as well as Stella Morris appeal blasting through the sound system so the Home Office staff can hear it loud and clear! Lots of flyering by Pete and Cheryl! Amazing short play by Elsa and Alison! Yellow Ribbons 4 Assange by Alison, some lovely chanting! and to top it all up we had Ruptly filming the event! So grateful to those who came and help make this a wonderful event! :-)

Our friends at News Line reported:  “Addressing the protest Emmy Butlin of the Julian Assange Defence Committee said: ‘Successive Conservative governments have ignored the report by Nils  Melzer the UN special rapporteur on torture which said that Julian Assange has been a victim of psychological torture for years. ‘We are demanding Priti Patel uphold international obligations to victims of torture and release him immediately.

From the campaign Joe Brack told News Line: ‘I am appalled that Home Secretary Priti Patel refuses to acknowledge UN condemnation  of his treatment on this day in support of torture victims which includes Julian Assange the UK’s no1 political prisoner. Her silence is indicative of the misrule of law and abandonment of international treaties on human rights.

‘Working people and youth have risen up against their treatment at the hands of the state and are demanding their share of the national wealth and a socialist future. ‘The trade unions should be here today and their leaders should be organising action to kick out this Tory government.’

‘We are escalating our campaign for his release with a demonstration at Westminster magistrates court this Monday morning and on Friday holding a ‘Happy 49th Birthday Julian!’ party outside Belmarsh prison with a soul choir so he will be able to hear our voices outside.’

Joe Brack from EF Press reporting:

UN75 Torture Victims Day Julian Assange Home Office Vigil Friday 26 June 2020: The Play’s the Thing!

Elsa delivering her wonderful heartfelt handwritten speech.

Our passionate 92 year old Eric in fighting spirit! We shall win this!

13 JADC members and 3 press turned up outside the Home Office to protest Home Sec. Priti Patel’s callous disregard for human rights, legal process, and International law in the US v Julian Assange case.

Marsham Street was witness to the protest and speeches, but was unprepared for Alison’s one act play, Circus of Asasinados. Using Julian’s own words spoken by the amazing Elsa and creative responses from Lady Arbuthnot and Judge Baraitser, both played by Alison, to remarkable and brilliant effect. Comic tragedy totally appropriate for Priti Patel’s lack of action and obfuscation as well as informative and verifiable to the Whithall audience.

Alison delivering her speech outside the Home Office, her voice was loud and clear in defence of Julian Assange.

The Home Office is a very anonymous building. If you walked past you would not know what went on within. Supposedly to protect the welfare of all citizens it has become a Ministry of Truth. Pumping out propaganda and creating a hostile environment for those who do not conform, or lack the necessary paperwork. Ignorance and bile is directed at Julian Assange and those who work within bear complicity in his cruel and unusual punishment.

Pete distributing flyers

Emmy played speeches from Nils Melzer, UN Rapporteur on Torture, on the PA and gave a passionate speech in defence of the rule of law and Julian Assange. Very inspiring. The Home Office’s anonymity must be challenged in future protests and the shame and disgrace on the Day to celebrate 75 years of UN and the demand to end arbitrary arrest and torture marred by weasel words from Foreign Sec. Dominic Raab on respecting the UN. Euwech!- Joe Brack EF Press

More Photos and Videos:

Cheryl distributing flyers – so grateful for engaging with the passing public in educating them about the injustice suffered by Julian Assange

Our lovely Derek with his beautifully designed placards “Jail the Criminals, Free Julian Assange” We distributed his new flyer “Advice on Police Arrest” and essential accessory in our solidarity actions. – Thank you Derek!

Elsa as Assange in a play by Alison Mason. Beautifully composed and delivered.

Her Lady Arbuthnot wearing her credentials courtesy of Alison!

Saying goodbye to the Home Office after a good day’s work!

Home Office Security remove a Yellow Ribbon for Assange

Remembering our friends in France, the Yellow Vests, who support wholeheartedly Julian Assange and gifted this vest to the campaign, so grateful!


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  1. The USA and UK have turned the law upside down. They are the warmongers and Assange is innocent. The USA should be hauled to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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