27/06/20 – Solidarity is strong for Julian Assange with two London events Belmarsh and Piccadilly Circus

Many thanks to  Joe Brack of EF Press for the excellent reporting and photos!

From Woolwich to Westminster: Free Julian Assange! 27 June 2020

From Woolwich to Westminster the banner was raised to Free Julian Assange. Starting at HMP Belmarsh at 11am. Wet, windy, sunny, cloudy. Banners raised, signs held aloft, Eric distributing leaflets to motorists and pedestrians, the response was excellent. The 8 JADC members and supporters present commented at the increased support and increased public awareness of Julian’s cruel incarceration at the Woolwich wasteland that is on the Western Way, Highlighting the Birthday Vigil the following Friday 3 June 2020 and encouraging people to spread the news on social media and in the community,


I approached the prison gates to try to pin a ‘Jail the War Criminals, Free Julian Assange’ sign for a photo, but was confronted by guards who demanded I delete my photos and get off private property. Refusing, I was asked to go inside to talk to a frantic guard, banging on the window: Certainly not. I explained the necessity of a warrant to access my photos and that HMP Belmarsh was a public institution open to scrutiny. They walked off, I walked off as the guard inside was having an existential fit as I took some background photos.

Back on the main road Alison brought out her kangaroo puppet and sign to much amusement as speeches were made in support of Julian and condemning his treatment within the walls not a few yards from where we stood. We maintained the vigil until 3pm and then headed into town.

At Piccadilly Circus 17 Committee members were joined by us and over the 3 hours as Candles4Assange vigil was maintained numbers rose to 25. More banners, info stall, signs and speeches were set up and delivered. As the BLM protestors made their way back from the march we engaged and they were very receptive. Some were aware of Julian’s mistreatment, but many were not. Thanks to Eric and other supporters distributing flyers and one to one conversations we found common cause and much sympathy. Piccadilly Circus is a very good location for these vigils and in the shadow of Eros, a god of selfless love, compassion and peace, an appropriate advocate for Freeing Julian Assange.

Joe Brack EF Press

More videos and photos:

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