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16 July 2020

To: Lord Buckland
Lord Burnett of Maldon


We, the undersigned endorse and cosign the Misconduct Arbuthnot 15 07 2020 complaint filed by Ms Niki Konstantinidou with the UK Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) and registered under case number 33195/20. That complaint is made in respect of Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot. It is supported by strong evidence regarding the Chief Magistrate’s personal conduct outside the court, in connection with high-level political, military and intelligence players exposed by Mr Assange and WikiLeaks. [1]

We highlight the fact that Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot financially benefited from organisations exposed by WikiLeaks and that her husband and son were, at all relevant times, connected to military and intelligence individuals and entities working to take down the WikiLeaks organisation and its founder, Mr Assange. The investigative report entitled “Julian Assange’s judge and her husband’s links to the British military establishment exposed by WikiLeaks” [2] states the following:

“It can also be revealed that Lady Arbuthnot has received gifts and hospitality in relation to her husband, including from a military and cybersecurity company exposed by WikiLeaks. These activities indicate that the chief magistrate’s activities cannot be considered as entirely separate from her husband’s.”

“At a time when Lady Arbuthnot was in her former position as a district judge in Westminster, she personally benefited from funding together with her husband from two sources which were exposed by WikiLeaks in its document releases.”

“Although the payments were entered into the parliamentary register of interests, the parties in the court case were not informed about them. Although Assange’s trial has attracted significant criticism around the world, Lady Arbuthnot did not consider it necessary to mention these payments to the parties, public and media.”

“There is no suggestion that Lord Arbuthnot was asked to, or did, exert any pressure on Lady Arbuthnot, nor that she succumbed to any such pressure, but there is an appearance of bias which could have been avoided had this connection been revealed and had Lord Arbuthnot avoided meeting those individuals at that time.”

“Thus at the same time Lady Arbuthnot was presiding over Assange’s legal case, her husband was holding talks with senior officials in Turkey exposed by WikiLeaks, some of whom have an interest in punishing Assange and the WikiLeaks organisation.”

The same article ends as follows:

“Conflicts of interest: Lord Arbuthnot’s links to the British military establishment constitute professional and political connections between a member of the chief magistrate’s family and a number of organisations and individuals who are deeply opposed to the work of Assange and WikiLeaks and who have themselves been exposed by the organisation.

UK legal guidance states that “any conflict of interest in a litigious situation must be declared.” Judicial guidance to magistrates from the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice is clear:

“Members of the public must be confident that magistrates are impartial and independent. If you know that your impartiality or independence is compromised in a particular case you must withdraw at once… Nor should you hear any case which you already know something about or which touches upon an activity in which you are involved”.

Our understanding is that Lady Arbuthnot has failed to disclose any potential conflicts of interest in her role as judge or chief magistrate.

Lady Arbuthnot is known to have stepped aside from adjudicating two other cases due to potential conflicts of interest, but only after investigations by the media.”

The other Daily Maverick investigative report entitled “The son of Julian Assange’s judge is linked to an anti-data leak company created by the UK intelligence establishment” exposes Emma Arbuthnot’s conflicts of interest vis-a-vis her son. [3]

That report ends on this note:

“The CIA has made clear that it is “working to take down” the WikiLeaks organisation. It was recently revealed that the CIA was given audio and video of Julian Assange’s private meetings in the Ecuadorian embassy by a Spanish security company. These included privileged discussions with Assange’s lawyers who are now representing him in the extradition case overseen by Alexander Arbuthnot’s mother, Lady Arbuthnot.”

In the words of Prof. Nils Melzer (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture in his letter dated 29 October 2019 and attached hereto):

“It must be emphasized that it is the responsibility of the British State, and not of Mr. Assange or his defense counsel, to ensure that legal proceedings will be conducted in good faith, by independent and impartial judicial magistrates, and in full compliance with domestic and international law. The State’s duty to ensure due process protects an inherent public interest of systemic importance. Therefore, its effective enforcement cannot be left to the defendant’s discretion, or delegated to defense counsel, but must be proactively and consistently guaranteed by the State.”

Following certain FOI requests to the Ministry of Justice, we have only recently been informed of the “District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) Terms Of Appointment And Conditions Of Service (2009)”, purportedly applying to Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot.

Those Terms Of Appointment and Conditions of Service state, inter alia, the following:

“17. A District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) may be removed from office by the Lord Chancellor, with the concurrence of the Lord Chief Justice, on the grounds of incapacity or misbehaviour (s.22(5) Courts Act 2003). Such decisions are taken in accordance with the procedures contained in the Judicial Discipline (Prescribed Procedures) Regulations 2006.


Personal Conduct

55. The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice believe that the public must be entitled to expect all judges to maintain at all times proper standards of courtesy and consideration. (…) A substantiated complaint of conduct of this kind, whether or not previous complaints have also been made, is in the Lord Chancellor’s and Lord Chief Justice’s view, capable of being regarded as misbehaviour.
62. General Principles. Judges must ensure that while holding judicial office they conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the authority and standing of a judge. They must not, in any capacity, engage in any activity which might undermine, or be reasonably thought to undermine, their judicial independence or impartiality. If in any case any question of bias arises, judges should follow the guidance in the decided cases, including the Court of Appeal judgment in Locabail (UK) Ltd v Bayfield Properties Ltd and Another (2000) Q.B. 451. Judges may not undertake any other remunerated employment, nor receive or retain any fee or emolument in any circumstances save for royalties earned as an author. They may not undertake any task or engage in any activity which in any way limits their ability to discharge their judicial duties to the full. They should so conduct their private affairs as to minimise the possibility of conflict or embarrassment. (…)
68. Political or other activities. A judge must expect to forgo any kind of political activity and also any other activity which could make undue demands on his/her time. He/she should be on his/her guard against circumstances arising in which his/her involvement in any outside activity might be seen to cast doubt on his/her judicial impartiality or conflict with his/her judicial office.
76. Misuse of office, etc. A judge should avoid any action which involves, or may be seen as involving, the exploitation or misuse of his/her judicial position or title for private purposes, e.g. in connection with local planning issues.

79. (…) Any complaint which relates wholly or partly to the personal conduct of a judicial office holder will be dealt with by the Office for Judicial Complaints in accordance with the Judicial Discipline (Prescribed Procedures) Regulations 2006. (…)”

As stated above, according to evidence in the public domain, it is clear that Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot flagrantly misused her judicial status (as judge and supervisory chief magistrate in the Assange case) outside of court for personal gain or advantage; i.e., to protect and further her own personal interests, and those of her husband and son. Such misconduct falls within the remit of the JCIO because it is clearly within the ambit of “The Judicial Conduct (Judicial and other office holders) Rules 2014-Supplementary Guidance” published on the JCIO website. Rule 6 of the Guidance to the Rules states that the JCIO may only consider a complaint that contains an allegation of misconduct relating to the judge’s personal behaviour for example, a misuse of judicial status outside of court.

The failure by the competent UK authorities to seriously handle this outrageous judicial misconduct has already contributed to what the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer describes as “a murderous system” [4]. The Special Rapporteur states the following:

“We are talking about human rights and not about the rights of heroes or angels. Assange is a person, and he has the right to defend himself and to be treated in a humane manner. Regardless of what he is accused of, Assange has the right to a fair trial. But he has been deliberately denied that right – in Sweden, the U.S., Britain and Ecuador. Instead, he was left to rot for nearly seven years in limbo in a room. Then, he was suddenly dragged out and convicted within hours and without any preparation for a bail violation that consisted of him having received diplomatic asylum from another UN member state on the basis of political persecution, just as international law intends and just as countless Chinese, Russian and other dissidents have done in Western embassies. It is obvious that what we are dealing with here is political persecution. In Britain, bail violations seldom lead to prison sentences – they are generally subject only to fines. Assange, by contrast, was sentenced in summary proceedings to 50 weeks in a maximum-security prison – clearly a disproportionate penalty that had only a single purpose: Holding Assange long enough for the U.S. to prepare their espionage case against him.
What does it mean when UN member states refuse to provide information to their own Special Rapporteur on Torture?
That it is a prearranged affair. A show trial is to be used to make an example of Julian Assange. The point is to intimidate other journalists. Intimidation, by the way, is one of the primary purposes for the use of torture around the world. The message to all of us is: This is what will happen to you if you emulate the Wikileaks model.”

Under the supervision of Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot, despite having a chronic lung condition and contrary to medical advice given the dangers posed by Covid19, Mr Assange continues to be denied bail and remains in Belmarsh prison where he is in his cell over 23 hours a day and not receiving the medical care he needs.

Scathing criticisms have been expressed by civil society (including a group called Doctors4Assange [5] and several journalists’ unions) as well as international organisations such as the Council of Europe (Mr Assange is listed on the Council of Europe’s Protection of Journalism / Safety of Journalists site). The context around the crimes perpetrated against Mr Assange is well laid out by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, in a statement issued on 20 February 2020 and entitled “Julian Assange should not be extradited due to potential impact on press freedom and concerns about ill-treatment” His statement discusses the context of Mr Assange’s political persecution, as follows:

“Julian Assange’s potential extradition has human rights implications that reach far beyond his individual case. The indictment raises important questions about the protection of those that publish classified information in the public interest, including those that expose human rights violations. (…) Consequently, allowing Julian Assange’s extradition on this basis would have a chilling effect on media freedom, and could ultimately hamper the press in performing its task as purveyor of information and public watchdog in democratic societies.”

It is disconcerting that despite overwhelming evidence in the public domain, the appropriate UK authorities found no reason to investigate Ms Arbuthnot’s conduct, when said conduct seems to be contrary not only to the rights of the defendant, but also against the aforementioned “inherent public interest”. It is extraordinary that they continue to be unperturbed by Ms Arbuthnot’s systematic disregard for the law. Among other things, her conduct seems to violate Mr Assange’s right to a fair trial, which is enshrined in article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 (UK) and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Furthermore, it is interesting, that those authorities overseeing judicial conduct seem untroubled by the fact that Ms Arbuthnot has apparently made a habit of “stepping aside” only after she is exposed by the media. This time, although she felt pressured to “step aside” from the bench of the Assange case, she “stepped aside”…not very far. As Chief Magistrate, she is still the supervising legal figure of the case “responsible for… supporting and guiding district judge colleagues.”

In our view, there is clear prima facie evidence that Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot breached the “Terms Of Appointment and Conditions of Service” applying to her, as well as the relevant laws on judicial conduct.

As stated above, a substantiated complaint of conduct of this kind, whether or not previous complaints have also been made, is capable of being regarded as misbehaviour by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice. The Lord Chancellor may, with the concurrence of the Lord Chief Justice, remove a District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) from office on the ground of misbehaviour.

Given this longstanding unacceptable situation, we are signing this Open Letter, because the stultifying bureaucracy and gross negligence (to say the least) with which Mr Assange’s life is being handled has crossed all red lines. We are sounding the loudest alarm bells down History’s corridors. The wrongful actions and omissions of those responsible are on the record. Commodum Ex Injuria Sua Nemo Habere Debet (a wrongdoer should not be enabled by law to take any advantage from his actions).

We seek an immediate investigation of this matter as a matter of urgency and the removal of Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot from office on the ground of misbehaviour.


[1]. See the “Daily Maverick”, with the latest article “REVEALED: Chief magistrate in Assange case received financial benefits from secretive partner organisations of UK Foreign Office” published on 21 February 2020 (
[2]. (
[4]. See
[5]. See, Doctors4Assange in The Lancet: and at
Expert testimony on the risks of Covid-19 in prisons and detention facilities. NB: A more specific document was provided in relation to Belmarsh; that document is not yet in the public domain.

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Susan Benn, (Courage Foundation Trustee)
Clara Campos, (Committee to Defend Julian Assange)
Somerset Bean, (Free Assange/Support WikiLeaks Graphic Designer)
Peter Tatchell, ( Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation)
Viktor DEDAJ, Journalist – France
Heike Hänse, MP Germany
Alex Hills, @Candles4Assange.
Joe Brack, EF Press
Deepa Driver, Academic and Trade Unionist FreeTheTruth Organiser
Tony Greenstein, Vice President Brighton & Hove Trades Union Council
Jim Fitzpatrick,Artist Ireland
Daniel Fooks, Artist UK
May Ayres, Artist UK
Richard Lahuis, Artist Germany – Valid Values

Currently the total number of Signatories is over 700. Below is the list of the signatories endorsing the open letter collated from blog posts replies, and received via E-mail up until October 25th 2020.

1.Tim Hart
2.Dr Vacy Vlazna, Sydney, Guringai Country, Australia
3.Christina Downes. Retired lecturer, UK
4.James Mealey
5.Tom Marwick, Australia
6.Alessandra Barzini
7.Anna Fauzy-Ackroyd (UK)
8.Patricia Dahl, New York City
9.Christopher Clifford Willsher
10.Paul Winter, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Ret’d Royal Signals and oil industry
11.Robert Small, Manitoba, Canada
12.Steph Tremaine
13.John Tremaine
14.Debbie Tremaine
15.Michelle Gatehouse
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52.Ella Macauley
53.Jackie Wallace
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57.Daniel Cooney
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61.Shirley Clements
62.Joanna Cecere-Palazzo
63.Kate Rose
64.Amy Lauren
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66.Leah Byron
67.David James
68.Sebastian Hudson
69.Celeste Mack
70.Hope Bodnar
71.Steven Eigan
72.Alison Ashby, Skegness, UK
73.Robyn Stokes Australia
74.David Maple, UK citizen
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77.Margaret Wesley, NZ
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154.Susan Benn (Courage Foundation Trustee)
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181.(Dr) Robyn Gilbertson Australia
182.Corinne HENRY Co-founder of the French Facebook action and information group “Assange l’Ultime Combat”, now with more than 8,100 members, which has organised trips to London and during the pandemic rallies in Paris. I
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  1. John Carrell says:

    Free this man now, he has done nothing wrong.

  2. I have had an experience with the former District Chief Justice. Her main purpose to conceal the ongoing committed organised crimes against British Patients, British public, their assets, confidence and trust and against the genuine whistle blower for his acting on his professional duties and responsibilities and against me for being the independent Professional Witness who witnessed the committed crimes by Barts NHS Trust, its staff, managers and legal representatives, who witnessed the facade, corruption and the criminal misconduct in the Employments, Appeal Tribunal, the High Court, Court of Appeal, Magistrates, Crown Courts, who witnessed the deliberate committed breaches of the law by the former Lord Chief Justice and the Current Lord Chief Justice, who also witnessed the refusal of Theresa ay (formal PM)during her era to act on her duties and responsibilities to wards the health and the safety of the public. She deliberately hired Rt Hon Lidingiton as Lord Chancellor on the night of the General Election (8th June 2017), who sworn on 15/6/17 and then unlawfully hired a retired Judge (John Hand) for concealing the ongoing committed crimes against the British Patients and public by Barts NHS Trust. Then in November, he also hired another retired judge (Peter Clerk( for the same purpose .

    And I have also witnessed the committed breaches of the law and the misconduct of the Administrative Court and its president

    • Allie C says:

      When is this farcical situation going to stop? Julian is being held without charge, for a crime he didn’t commit, on the basis of an appeal that won’t be upheld. It’s just procedural now and it needs to end.

  3. Roya K Rezaee says:

    Julian Assange was treated unfairly, inhumane and disgracefully. You have broken all the roles of freedom of speech and democracy that you pretend to practice.
    Free Julian Assange and stop torturing him.
    The whole world is watching you.
    The dictatorship practise is condemn in all level, no matter how much you make it look “legal”.

  4. srotha says:

    Salome Rothauser, fully agree.

  5. Brita Hännestrand says:

    I agree with the UN secretorty against torture that the treatment of Julian Assange is psychogical torture, unacceptable for humanistic, juridical and psychiatric reasons.
    Brita Hännestrand, psychiatrist, Sweden

  6. jacqueline villaret says:

    S’il vous plait, s’il vous plait, libérez Julian : voilà 10 ans qu’il subit un traitement inhumain et totalement injuste. Un geste d’humanité je vous en prie, cette situation est intolérable .

  7. i hallheartedly support this letter, it is for the benefit of us all. Free Assange Free Speech, Free our Future

  8. John Mayall says:

    As an x British citizen. I have been appauled by the UK, US and supposed allied governments actions since the early 1990’s. Wikileaks has presented the world with a glimmer of hope, an opportunity to put the record straight by revealing atrocious crimes both within and without many organisations that are supposedly there to give justice and serve the people. Any extradition of Julian Assange or any other journalist / publisher is wholey wrong in this case. He MUST be freed, compensated and allowed to return home to his family immediately. A full independent investigation into his persecution must be launched and those responsible must be prosecuted. The UK and US say that they are concerned about human rights. This is a lie, and will be for as long as they continue to persecute whistleblowers and hide the crimes of those in power.

  9. Sebastian Ackermann says:

    I completly support this open letter!

  10. Muriel Hébrard-Cendrier says:

    Open letter to the french Minister of Justice

  11. Roger Keyes says:

    The utter hypocrisy of Australia, the UK and the USA, the much-vaunted Free Democratic Leaders of the world … always pointing fingers at “the Other” for HR infringements … is so embarrassing. The Australian shadow AG’s office was confident, when I rang to complain, that in a modern western democracy like the UK Julian would receive a fair trial!! Will they even read this petition?!!

  12. Solgerd Just Mikkelsen says:

    Protecting the human rights of ONE is protecting the human rights for ALL

    I remember my joyful information to my young adult children when first learning about Wikileaks, its purpose and mission. I felt there was still hope for truth to prevail in the world !

    Julian Assange MUST be freed.
    And the responsible individuals and entities must compensate him for devastating actions against his life.

    Solgerd Just Mikkelsen

  13. Karen Kay Sprowl says:

    Please enter my name as a proud signatory to this letter! Julian MUST be released and compensated. Make England a respected state again.
    Karen Sprowl, MA.

  14. samcarliner1 says:

    Sam Carliner, United States

  15. Alain Schenkel says:

    Stop the torture now. Free Julian Assange now.

  16. BUREL jean Claude says:

    Je pense que l’acusation de Mr Assange est conforme à l’état de déliquessence dans lequel se trouve “notre monde” Le courage de Julian leur interdit d’opérer leurs actions en secret alors il faut le faire taire

  17. Jean-François Bourdin says:

    Julian Assange must be freed and an end must be put to the corruption of the British Justice the turpitude of which is immense as soon as the corrupted are being exposed.

  18. Lorine Anita Brice says:

    It is a shame that once BRITISH JUDICIARY was admired for a fair trial and fair treatment of the accused. This trial of JULIAN Paul ASSANGE’S Extradition Case is a very unfair and very unjust. It is horrifically political. Judge Arbothnut should not be leading this trial as their is a conflicting of interest. ASSANGE’S treatment by Judge Baraitsa in the trial is pathetic.

    • Allen Jasson says:

      The BRITISH JUDICIARY appears to be going the way of many once admired institutions (such as British Parliament and Habeus Corpus). If there was any dignity left Arbuthnot and Baraitsa would be in the dock with Blair for the Criminals they are and the crimes they have committed. They are psychopathic criminals and do it because they can – because we let them.

  19. Tjatte Hedlund says:


  20. Conny Lindell says:

    I sign my name. Conny Lindell journalist Sweden.

  21. Soutelo Stella says:

    Pour la liberté de tous ces grands personnages, dont fait parti
    Julian Assange, battons nous

  22. Clara Nankler says:

    I am swedish and very ashamed of the way Julian Assange has ben treated. He is a whistle blower and a Publisher who has acted the Way hos conscience told him. He should be honoured by all peace loving people. Set Julian Assange free!

  23. Assange must be released asap! The treatment of him in Great Britain and Sweden is shameful! Who could think that GB and SWE don’t live up to the human rights!
    Free Assange now before it is too late!
    We will never forgive you for what you have done to him and for suppressing journalism to silece!

    I like to be one of the signatories To this important letter.

    • Cynthia McCurdy says:

      Law is just a bunch of pretty words that do not apply to the rich and corrupt. When Pedophile priest walk free and truth teller are in jail you know the system is broken and useless. No wonder society is turning on Authority.

  24. mondeto says:

    I want to sign. I’m shamed of Australia’s failure to defend Assange. We should all have the courage to do what is right.

  25. Michael Birch says:

    Thank you for organising this petition. This magistrate is clearly not a disinterested party.

  26. Kjell Martinsson says:

    A letter for history? Free Assange immediately!

  27. JAMES Mc GEEVER says:

    Release Julian iAssange mmediately & put the real criminals in jail.

  28. Ulf Sandmark says:

    I support this call. Free Julian Assange! Shame on the complicit Swedish state!

  29. End the torture of the great journalist Assange! Free Manning exposing war crime! Punish the guilty corrupt judges and politicians!

  30. Mertz Laakso says:

    Release Julian Assange immediately. It is a great shame for Sweds And Brittons that he is held in prison. He is a hero who exposed war crimes. Everyone taking part in this obsene theather of prosecuting him should be ashamed.

  31. Jan Löfgren says:

    Assange is a man of the People against the upperclass ! Set him free 👊

  32. Eva Björklund says:

    Such a shame on the Swedish judicial system, government and massmedia for their unlawful and inhuman treatment of Julian Assange.

    • Allen Jasson says:

      It appears that the Swedish Judicial System initially took the correct and honest course in throwing out the claims of rape that were in any case contrived against the wishes of the alleged victims.
      So at least they set out from the right stance.

      The women apparently discovered they had shared a man and in a more sober mind decided they wanted him tested. It was the police who changed statements and amplified the charge to rape.or the interesting Swedish crime of “Molestation”, which somehow equates to omission of a condom.
      So this is the sort of bottom-of-the-barrel bacteria level corruption similar to what protected News of the World for a decade.

      However, its the change of heart of the Judicial System that is significant.
      Clearly, the pressure from UK and US governments has been brought to bear on the Swedish Judicial System to get their way on political objectives.
      When the corruption reaches the highest level of the system (which some people consider the Judicial System to be) it’s game over – welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah. That’s why Bush Jr got into power in the first place – Judicial corruption. That’s why Trump’s appointment to the Supreme Court is so significant – she’s an open door to politicisation and corruption of the judiciary.

  33. Noreen says:

    I pray That Our Heavenly Father would expose all the evils against Julien Assange and His holy justice prevails to set Assange free… Vengeance us mine thus ssith the Lord….Have your Divine intervention in this matter Lord Jesus… Please be merciful to Julien Assange in Yeshua’s name amen.

    • Allen Jasson says:

      I’m not a religious man but I must admit, it’s pleasing to see for the very first time in my experience, a very firm support for Julian Assange with a reference in Hebrew. We ALL have a great debt to Julian Assange.

  34. JEAN LE BIHAN says:

    IF OUR democracies do not stand up for free speech and freedom of the press, THESE ARE REPREHENSIBLE IMITATIONS. IT IS DUTY
    to stand up and denounce the inmoral punishment of Julian Assange.

  35. Sheena H. Garrett says:

    I completely agree with this letter.

  36. Molly McGuire says:

    I have lost complete respect for Great Britain’s government, and its judicial system. It is barbaric and evil to torture a journalist for reporting the truth. Assange should be released from prison immediately . He has not committed a crime or been charged with committing a crime. He has not been convicted of committing a crime in Great Britain or anywhere else.

  37. Hannah v. Knobelsdorff says:

    Please add my name.
    Hannah v. Knobelsdorff, Germany

  38. Gail Malone says:

    Happy to support and add my name to this letter.

  39. Jane Henderson says:

    I support Assange. Please add my signature

  40. Stevie says:

    Gone are the days of merry old England.
    Britannia rules by lies and deceit.
    Through Julian they prove it.

    I endorse this letter.

  41. sylvia bennet says:

    What we are witnessing here is deliberate torture and attempted judicial murder.
    Arbuthnot must go before she publicly disgraces the whole judicial system and Britain itself.
    I wholly endorse this letter.

  42. Janette Stowell says:

    Please add my signature.
    Janette Stowell

  43. Jay Hurst says:

    Jay Hurst. United Kingdom. I would like to sign and endorse this letter and the complaint described.

  44. Trevor Ryan says:

    I fully endorse this letter, and support the immediate release of Julian Assange..

  45. Jonathan Gregor says:

    I hereby sign the Open Letter.

    Jonathan Gregor

  46. Belinda Curtis says:

    I will never condone the extradition or jailing of Julian Assange. Corruption ends now!

  47. David Lister Nightingale says:

    Please add my name. Thanks.

    David Lister Nightingale

  48. Walter Enderle says:

    Free Assange immediately!

  49. Dean Steeber says:

    The treatment of Julian Assange represents a crossroad for the United Kingdom in their relationship to Empire. Will Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot rule in favor of the quill, or the boot and gun? The right decision is made in consideration of the masses over oneself. The world is watching. Free Julian Assange.

  50. Christina Kostoula says:

    Free Assange. Stop preaching about freedom of the press to other countries. Down with imperialist crimes

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  53. Franz-Josef Schmid says:

    Franz-Josef Schmid

  54. Jo Cooper says:

    Please add my name. Jo Cooper

  55. Rada Lazic says:

    Please add my name. Rada Lazic

  56. Kathy Clarke says:

    Signed, Kathy L. Clarke

  57. Reinhard Loeff says:

    I’m on the side of Julian Assange!
    Free Julian Assange now!

  58. Helen Giokas says:

    Add my name. Helen Giokas

  59. Charles T. Rawls says:

    If Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot is not removed from this case it will become a permanent stain on British jurisprudence. The mistreatment of Mr. Assange by Her Majesty’s Government has already been shameful. Continuing to keep him incarcerated may be threatening his very life along with the future of a free press.

  60. KIT JONES says:

    It is an outrage that Julian Assange, publisher and journalist, should have been kept prisoner for over a decade for simply exposing the truth which is what his job as publisher and journalist consists of. He absolutely should not be sent to the USA for further mistreatment, and should be remunerated for all of the time that he has been held captive for entirely spurious reasons. Free Julian Assange immediately.

  61. Claus Kern says:

    I support the call.

  62. Andrew Mcguiness says:

    I endorse this letter. Andrew Mcguiness

  63. Klaus Semmler says:

    Free Assange
    Klaus Semmler

  64. Sabine Heimhuber says:

    Please add my signature.
    Sabine Heimhuber

  65. Sabine Heimhuber says:

    This is the limit… free Mr. Assange!!!

  66. angelika says:

    Free Assange
    Angelika Joppich

  67. Uwe Mohr says:

    Uwe Mohr, Germany

    Please add my signature.Uwe Mohr

  68. eric portman says:

    eric portman

  69. Jennifer Lyon says:

    Please add my signature. Jennifer Lyon

  70. j portman says:

    please add my signature to letter jenny portman

  71. Mary Moffat says:

    Mary Moffat Australia

  72. Neil says:

    He must be released all he has done is tell the truth just because the political elite’s and the establishment don’t like being called out is no excuse for sentencing him to certain death in America. He will have an accident just like Epstein the political elite’s and the rich always silence anyone that is a threat.

  73. Silvia c Galvan says:

    I also support this open letter and stand with Julian Assange!
    Silvia C Galván

  74. Jana Veličković says:

    I stand with Julian Assange. Please add my signature.
    Jana Veličković

  75. stripey7 says:

    Eric Hamell.

  76. Fiona Hansen says:

    Please add my name. Fiona Hansen from NZ. I’m ashamed of my British roots and how far UK judiciary has fallen.

  77. Clara Campos says:

    Please add us to the open letter Clara Campos, Lisbeth Campos and Ingrid Campos. Thank you

  78. Francesca Brock says:

    Please add my name to the letter. Truth cannot be punished any longer.

  79. Jeremy Caplan says:

    This is not justice. Political offenses aren’t permitted under the extradition agreement
    . Jeremy Caplan, Arkansas, United States

  80. Mona Graf says:

    In the name of democracy and justice please assure that all people directly involved in the trial are unbiased. Let Julian Assange go. Handing him over to the US would be a crime.

  81. Renae Akritidis says:

    Thank you for going to the efforts to put this together. We must put pressure in all areas and from all directions to force the end to this travesty!

  82. Juan Enrique Azamar arellano says:

    Ya apoyó totalmente está carta Libertad a Julián Assange

  83. Milan Trnka says:

    I’m here in fully support of Julian Assange and to subscribe this letter demanding for his release.

  84. Liam Bowbrick-Blake says:

    I agree to the above and Co-Sign

  85. Michael Litzko says:

    Please free Julian Assange
    Michel Litzko

  86. Suzel Hammer says:

    I fully support this letter and stand with Julian Assange.
    Suzel Hammer

  87. Thorsten Eckau says:

    I also support this open letter and stand with Julian Assange!
    Thorsten Eckau

  88. Dr. Günter Paul, Körle, Germany says:

    I support the demand to release Julian Assange immediately.

  89. Randy says:

    Even though it hurts me very much to say the following, I refer for the sake of truth to a text that describes our time.

    Habakkuk means double embrace, but we are preached “social distance”.Which sermon should we believe, the double embrace or “social distance”?
    What effect do the two opposing messages have? What effect do they have on us when we choose between the two?
    Double embrace is good for the soul and strengthens self-confidence, gives security, yes, they stabilize and deepen our family ties and friendships.
    Social distance makes us lonely and we become depressed. In the long run we become ill at the soul, which in the end leads to death.

    What message do you follow?

    Justice is also violated, just as the prophet Habakkuk predicted. JUSTICE is ignored, diluted and finally twisted by those responsible.
    The prophet describes the time before Jesus of Nazareth visibly returns: lawlessness will take over and the Law will come out twisted.

    It can be seen by all people, the good and the bad. Julian Assange was isolated, now he is sick. A lot of lawyers are fighting for his rights, but the judge is twisting the JUSTICE.

    It’s good and right that we raise our voices against injustice. We can’t stop doing it, no matter what it costs. But Habakkuk also tells us why all this is happening, why the Evil One is rising.Let us read the text and think about it, so that the good change in us can begin, can take place in our personal life.

    The Lord will put an end to all this and the righteous will rejoice that Jesus himself will eradicate evil.

    Believe the prophet Habakuk, trust in the “double embrace”. Whoever is taken into the arms of Jesus will embrace Jesus in the same way and will never let him go.

  90. Ulf Gorillus says:

    Ulf Gorillus

  91. Elsa Stöcker says:

    Please. Put an end to this painful injustice. Safe the life of this brave man. My thoughts are with him. Greeting from Germany

  92. Maximilian Dau says:

    Maximilian Dau

  93. A. Hensen says:

    I do endorse this letter. Julian Assange should be released immediately. Julian Assange stands for press freedom worldwide.

  94. Michael Richter says:

    I endorse this letter. Julian Assange should be released immediately. Julian Assange stands for press freedom worldwide

  95. I endorse this letter.

  96. Fatma Szoenyi says:

    Free Julian Assange
    Fatma Szoenyi

  97. baerbel Wihstutz says:

    I endorse this letter. Free Julian Assange

  98. Hartmut Wihstutz says:

    I endorse this letter. Julian Assange should be released immediately. Julian Assange stands for press freedom worldwide

  99. Adrian says:

    I endorse this letter. Julian Assange should be released immediately.

  100. Franzi Brode-Keil says:

    Free Julian!

  101. angela jansen says:

    I aggree, too. Free Julian Assange!

  102. Martin Fritz says:

    I endorse this letter. Julian Assange should be released immediately.

  103. Beatrice Fuerniss says:

    I support this open letter
    please add my name – Beatrice Fuerniss

  104. Beatrice Fuerniss says:

    Wo ist nur die Gerechtigkeit ⚖️ verblieben…
    Kann man denn nicht einmal mehr hohen Richtern trauen, dass diese unpolitisch und unabhängig handeln? Korruption unter höchsten Richtern – soll nicht unbestraft bleiben!!!
    Überall Korruption, wohin man schaut…


  105. Hans-Frieder Hoch says:

    nicht China oder Russland ist das übelste/schlimmste Land der Erde, sondern das verlogene, scheinheilige korrupte Amerika !!

    • Beatrice Fuerniss says:

      Wo ist nur die Gerechtigkeit ⚖️ verblieben…
      Kann man denn nicht einmal mehr hohen Richtern trauen, dass diese unpolitisch und unabhängig handeln? Korruption unter höchsten Richtern – soll nicht unbestraft bleiben!!!
      Überall Korruption, wohin man schaut…


  106. Christian Toloczyki says:

    In support of releasing Julian Assange
    Christian Toloczyki

  107. Alexandra Poeltl says:

    Free Julian Assange

  108. Liliana Valentina Avramov says:

    Free Julian Assange

  109. Alexander Singer says:

    Free Julian Assange

  110. Ulf Dieckmann says:

    I support this open letter and stand with Julian Assange!
    Ulf Dieckmann, Germany

  111. Robert Dettmering says:

    Robert Dettmering

  112. akismetuser590771094 says:

    Helmut Käss, please add my name…

  113. Jutta Hoschek says:

    Please add my name to this letter.
    Jutta Hoschek

  114. sylvia bennet says:

    The corruption of the British legal system is mirrored by the behavior of its’ legal representative in the case of Julian Assange. Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot, who is seriously compromised by her conflict of interest, must be relieved of her position before she brings the whole of the British legal system into disrepute.

  115. Clemens Messerschmid says:

    History has already acquitted Julian Assange.

  116. Claudia Karas, Germany says:

    I fully endorse this letter. The travesty of Julian Assange’s trial should be halted and he should be released immediately and unconditionally. The authorities – domestic and international – should deploy all necessary resources to urgently investigate and prosecutute the myriad of crimes that Wikileaks has exposed.

  117. Johann Krautschneider says:

    signature to be added

  118. Stefan Schelp, Germany says:

    Free Julian Assange! I would like to add my signature to this letter.

  119. Michael Gilcher says:

    Free Julian Assange right now !

    Michael Gilcher, Germany

  120. bham4julian says:

    Rachel Mary Allen. Please add my signature, Julian Assange is being subjected to a show trial which brings shame on the UK.

  121. Laurence Middleton Jones says:

    Please add my signature. British justice cannot be seen so publicly to be so corrupt.
    Laurence Middleton Jones

  122. Please add my signature. The safe release of Julian Assange is the most important thing as he represents the ability of the world to know and speak about truth. His human rights have been trashed and his treatment by this magistrate is egregious.
    Alison Mason

  123. Please add my name, too. I’m working as a journalist and concerned about the treatment of Julian Assange. Joerg Tiedjen, Berlin, Germany

  124. Helen Dooley says:

    Please add my name. I’m sick of vested interests and corruption in democratic countries.

  125. Nadia Nkira says:

    Please add my name!

  126. Lale Ziegler says:

    Free Julian Assange! I would like to add my signature to this letter.

  127. Allie Cordingley says:

    This trial is an absolute travesty of the concept of British justice and all that it (used to) represent. It has always been a trial of persecution not prosecution, with the rule of law tossed aside & replaced by the dogged and relentless pursuit of inflicting torture & suffering on Julian Assange. Shocking behaviour, without precedent & a total disgrace to the British and U.S judicial system.

  128. I fully support this open letter and any attempt to bring justice to Julian Assange and back to the system in GB. Julian has to be free and those in charge of the injustices he was confronted with have to be prosecuted and punished. The evidence described in the letter is more than enough.
    Please add my name to the signatures above. Thank you and Bravo.

  129. Tim Leonard says:

    I would like to co-sign this too. Thank you.

  130. Christine Wilson says:

    Release Julian Assange NOW. I agree with the comments in the open letter. This is not justice.

  131. Charles Alban says:

    Agreed. sign me up.

  132. James connolly says:

    If democracy in this or any country across the world has any future then Julian Assange must at least be given a fair hearing. The fact he is even on trial and has had to endure the the persecution by the state for reporting on state murder is reprehensible. In years to come people and states will look back on this hearing and think how could this of happened in a so called civilised society.
    Let justice prevail, freeJulian Assange

  133. Sam Osborne says:

    Anyone with half an ounce of sense can see that the detention and trial of Mr. Assange is a poorly crafted farce that is designed to divert attention away from historic and ongoing war crimes. Persecuting Mr. Assange is not the end of this matter and it will only end when the actual war criminals themselves are detained and sent for trial at the International Criminal Court.

    Also on trial is the free press and their ability to accurately report and hold to account senior politicians, intelligence and military personnel. Mr Assange’s current predicament sends a clear warning to all journalists that reporting anything but government narratives is forbidden and anyone who oversteps the mark will lose their liberty and/or their life.

    If Mr. Assange is sent to USA the CIA and other agencies will undoubtedly use every known technique of physical, chemical and psychological torture to gain the unique knowledge and information he holds on a myriad of other states, organisations and individuals.

    The future shape of the relationship between state and citizen, media and military is set to play out in this long drawn out fiasco in the UK courts and it will affect the way we are able to deal with all the other serious issues facing humanity.
    Sweeping Mr. Assange conveniently under the carpet will set a precedent for more lies, deceit and distorted reasoning which will ultimately guarantee calamitous outcomes for all our endeavours.

    We must now collectively choose which path to take, do we allow the silencing and cover-up of the painful truths of a few individuals and states or do we clean out the dirt from the political establishment and face our collective future with dignity?

  134. Marlene Jost says:

    I support this open letter and stand with Julian Assange!
    Marlene Jost, Switzerland

  135. Milca Van Den Steene says:

    Thank you for this letter which I fully agree with and wish to sign!

    The way Julian Assange’s case is being handled is absolutely scandalous and unacceptable.
    It should no longer be tolerated and needs to end right now.
    Do what is right and end the persecution of journalist Julian Assange.

  136. I endorse and cosign the Misconduct Arbuthnot 15 07 2020 complaint filed by Ms Niki Konstantinidou with the UK Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) and registered under case number 33195/20.

  137. Laurie Auld says:

    Not only is this revelation scandalous, it is criminal. Julian Assange should be released immediately. His detention is illegal, and cruel.

  138. Daniel Fooks says:

    I stand with Julian Assange!

    – Daniel Fooks

  139. InterMedia Press says:

    We completly support this open letter

  140. Steve Sammut says:

    I endorse this letter. The travesty of Julian Assange’s trial should be halted and he should be released immediately and unconditionally. The authorities – domestic and international – should deploy all necessary resources to urgently investigate and prosecutute the myriad of crimes that Wikileaks has exposed.
    Stephen Sammut

  141. Julie Sheppard says:

    I am julie Sheppard. Please free Julian Assange

  142. Julie Sheppard says:

    Julie Sheppard.

  143. I am Fred Williams of Nova Scotia Canada. Please add my name. We need Julian Assange free! He has committed no crime.

  144. Tim Aldrich says:

    Me. Assange deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, not prison. I have more respect for him, than anyone else on the planet.

  145. Elisavet Konstantinidou says:

    Add my name: Elisavet Konstantinidou

  146. Karen says:

    Please add my name: Karen Hoffmann, Germany

  147. Joanne M.Lukacher says:

    I support this letter.
    Joanne M. Lukacher
    Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

  148. Veronika Smurovs says:

    Stop this farce! Free Julian Assange!

  149. Sergi0 A. Maur0 says:

    I support this letter.
    Sergi0 A. Maur0

  150. Stefan Thur says:

    Wikileaks soll Leben!
    Julian Assange soll frei sein!
    Die dunklen Mächte sollen beleuchtet werden und sich im Licht auflösen!
    Danke Julian Assange, danke Chelsea Manning!

  151. Ephraim Keinath says:

    Free Assange!

  152. Sara Payne says:

    The persecutiont of Julian Assange shames British justice. Please add my name to the signature list

  153. Tom Marwick says:

    This case is one of the most important issues of our time, please add my name to the signature list

  154. Marianne Sorrell says:

    I fully support this letter and would like to add my name to it

  155. Andreas Pilger says:

    Andreas Pilger

  156. Ardilliez says:

    S’il vous plaît ajoutez mon nom à cette lettre
    Dominique Ardilliez

  157. Marianne Reguigne says:

    Sie handeln gegen bestehende Gesetze! Lassen Sie sofort Julian Assange freie! Er ist unschuldig!

  158. Marc Leuchtenberger says:

    In humble shame, deeply concerned and in even deeper fear for the future of human rights, I, Marc Leuchtenberger (Germany), hereby co-sign this brave letter.

    Like many before, I see the retraction of Lady Arbuthnot just as a first necessary step in regaining justice.
    In times like these I tend to regret being a member of the human race.

    With kind regards
    Marc Leuchtenberger

    • Allen Jasson says:

      Fear not Marc, there are more decent people than there are psychopaths; they are just a silent majority. When their anger and disgust reaches a limit the reaction will seem like God’s reaction to Sodom and Gomorrah (not that I’m a religious man, I’m not, but the imagery seems appropriate).

  159. Evelin says:

    This trial is a disgrace to UK jurisdiction and close to jurisdiction in Nazi Germany.
    The only correct conclusion is to set free Julian Assange immediately.


  161. zoompad says:

    Id like to add to the support list Barbara Richards

  162. juan arreguin says:

    please add my name!

  163. K. Mogl says:

    I fully support this open letter. Please add my name to this letter.

  164. Ginger claassen says:

    Ginger Claassen – it is disgusting to see that in Europe countries, that formerly belonged to the EU, are torturing people and that in the 21st century – good that the UK is gone – we do not need such barbarians in our community of people who love and fight for freedom and democracy!

    • Allen Jasson says:

      Fully understand your comment, Ginger. But remember, things done in our name do not necessarily reflect our views. Nations these days have a character defined only by a (usually) psychopathic elite.

  165. R Speechley says:

    Please add my name

  166. Eugène says:

    Libérez cet homme !!

  167. BADARD Claudine says:

    Je signe cette lettre avec espoir de voir la libération de Julian Assange immédiatement et sans condition. Honte à la justice britannique de cautionner une telle injustice!

  168. George Messinis says:

    ASTONISHING… English “JUSTICE”… We call it “conflict of interest”, “malpractice”, “misconduct”… Despicable, unethical, immoral…

  169. Sayfon says:

    Yes free julian assange

  170. Shona Davidson says:

    I fully endorse this letter. Please add my name. Thank you.
    His continued persecution for many years is political.
    Free Julian Assange.

  171. sherry clayton says:

    I support this letter. Free Julian!

  172. Manuel Greiner says:

    I sign this letter.
    Manuel Greiner, Germany

  173. Wilfried Dorn says:

    As many others fighting for Julian Assanges rights, i*m signing this letter with my name.

    Wilfried Dorn, Germany

  174. Kristina Hillgren says:

    Thank you for your brilliant work.
    Please add my name.
    Kristina Hillgren, Sweden

  175. Elke Kluck says:

    Ich unterschreibe den offenen Brief in der Hoffnung, dass die Macht beim Volk bleibt und nicht die Mächtigen unsere Chance auf freie Informationen von freien Journalisten unterdrücken können.

  176. Heike Richter says:

    I sign this letter. Heike Richter, Germany

  177. Corinna Knobelsdorff says:

    I fully support this letter. Please add my signature many thanks.
    Corinna Knobelsdorff from Germany

  178. Martin Veith says:

    Please add my name. Thank you! Martin Veith

  179. Gotthard Schaab says:

    We need transparency!

  180. Tim Martens says:

    Tim Martens. I support this letter.

  181. Elisabeth Hills says:

    I sign this open letter – FREE ASSANGE!

  182. Dirk Hausberg says:

    Me, Dirk Hausberg – i am supporting this letter fully convicted!!!

  183. Klaus Kroy, Germany says:

    I support the letter

  184. Sigrun Wieler says:

    I entirely support freedom of the press, even and in particular when unethic or at least “questionable” conduct of representatives of the so-called super power and leading NATO states, e.g. USA, are being revealed !
    Therefore Julian Assange must be unconditionally released because he was only doing his job as a reporter of the free democratic press – just like Deniz Yücel, the German-Turkish journalist in Turkey who was arrested in Turkey for a long time and is now being taken to a Turkish court ‘in absence’.
    How can it be that representatives of the legal system of the original democratic and law-based states of UK and the USA are at risk to fall into the same category as those of an authoritarian state like Turkey ??

    Sigrun Wieler, Germany

  185. Eva Breidenbach says:

    I sign this open letter with my name

  186. Uwe Schmitt says:

    Please add my signature

  187. smartpepe says:

    Gordian Hense, Switzerland

  188. Stephan Henn says:

    Please add my signature

  189. Karin Moritz says:

    Karin Moritz
    J’accuse! Everybody should know that!

  190. Klaus Helms says:

    An injury to one is an injury to all!

    Please add my name.

  191. Ralf-O.Scharf says:

    Please add my name to this open letter.
    Ralf-O. Scharf

  192. Tom Levold says:

    Tom Levold

  193. Kathrin Wolf says:

    I totally agree with this letter. This issue cries out to high heaven for immediate and urgent action.

  194. Ute Hasenbein says:

    Ute Hasenbein

  195. Sigfred Hauffen says:

    I endorse this letter.

  196. Sabine Huber says:

    I support the complaint and this letter. Thank you Julian, well done. My best wishes to you !!!

  197. Norbert Flohe says:

    I fully agree with this letter!!!

  198. Dagmar Kraas says:

    Please add my name.

  199. Volker Kunick says:

    Thank you for this letter which I fully agree with and wish to sign!

    Volker Kunick

  200. Annemarie Kappus says:

    Thank you for this letter which I fully agree with and wish to sign!

    What is happening to Julian Assange is outrageous and inhuman since all his legal rights have been abused by the UK and the international establishment!This is a threat for his very life and for the entire free world!

    Annemarie Kappus

  201. Pingback: Offener Brief an den Justizminister wegen befangener Amtsrichterin Emma Arbuthnot

  202. I find it shameful what is done in my name.

    As a member of the NEC of the Libertarian Party I supported those who defended the British judicial system when it would have been politically popular to criticize it. I felt that an independent judiciary was the last line of defence for the protection of our liberties.

    What we have seen in the treatment of Julian Assange by the British justice system not only undermines Julian Assange’s rights to due process it will undermine faith in British justice.

    I urge, particularly those in the judiciary who have the power to change things to get involved. If you value British justice and what it is supposed to stand for this can not, and should not be allowed to continue.

    • Allen Jasson says:

      Regrettably, these same people you speak of, the people in the judiciary who have the power to change things, have sat on their hands even as the fundamental platform of British Justice, Habeus Corpus, was washed away during the last ‘sky is falling’ media frenzy over terrorism (most of it actively engaged and supported by the state). [French CoP at 7/7 – “Military grade explosives were used”, Australian Bomb Disposal experts at Bali Bombings – “Military grade explosives were used”] In my humble opinion, something much bigger is going on here.

  203. Steven Wilson says:

    Please add my name. Thank you. Steven Wilson

  204. Kathleen Cain says:

    I fully support all points presented in this letter. KPlease add my name.

  205. Harriet Evans says:

    I would like to sign this letter too. The UK and international establishment have grossly violated Assange’s human rights with terrifying implication for the future of the free press and freedom of speech. We need to break through the mainstream media silencing of our views

  206. tony wakeham says:

    How about a letter to the Queen, after all, Julian is in Her Majesties Prison Belmarsh. It may be worth reminding her of her obligations.

  207. Sandra says:

    Please add my name.

  208. Karina Fernandes says:

    Karina Fernandes
    adding my name in support of Julian Assange and freedom of the press

  209. Michael Evans says:

    I add my signature to this letter, in defence of freedom of speech, to expose corruption on all levels throughout the world.

  210. kathy mcdonald says:

    please add my name in support of Julian Assange.

  211. Josephine Unwin says:

    Please add my name

  212. Patricia Gracian says:

    I have been watching the actions of the proceedings against journalist/publisher Julian Assange and have frankly been astonished at the lack of equanimity and the injustice happening in his treatment and hearings. It is fully explained by realizing that the judges have enormous conflicts of interest and have therefore a huge stake in making sure he is convicted- regardless of the ridiculous and flimsy charges that have been multiplied to produce a pre-ordained death sentence.
    Both Lady Arbuthnot and Chief Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser MUST BE REMOVED!
    Both have a personal stake in convicting Assange.

    And “Judge” Baraitser spends her time in the hearings countering Defense arguments on behalf of the Prosecution!!!
    The judge is doing the work for the Prosecution!

    Please protect the honor and integrity of the UK Judicial System.
    Please end the disgusting and UN-condemned persecution of Julian Assange.
    The charges have been credibly refuted by the Defense, only to be ignored by Judge Baraitser.
    The Defendant has been precluded from access to his lawyers.
    Any intermittent conversations with his lawyers have been defiled by constant surveillance.
    The entire proceeding is an affront to Justice.

    The least that should happen is immediate removal of Lady Arbuthnot & Judge Baraitser, to be replaced by honorable judges with NO TIES TO THE CASE.
    Julian Assange should be freed due to the frivolous charges that condemn him for being a journalist.
    Please stop the dishonorable proceedings against Julian Assange and set him free.
    I hereby also add my name to this letter to the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice.

  213. Maria Nolden says:

    I entirely support the letter and ask for the immediate release of Julian!!

  214. Florencia Prado says:

    I fully endorse and support this letter

  215. Harley Price says:

    I endorse the contents of this letter and fully support it and its objectives.

    Harley Price

  216. Zulfqar Ali says:

    I endorse and fully support this letter.
    Zulfqar Ali

  217. Anne Wright says:

    Please add my name

  218. Mariana Duran says:

    Mariana Duran signs too, Free Assange!

  219. Omar Misa says:

    Probably everyone aware of Assange’s circumstance have come to judgement on his extradition to the U.S. Fellow responders departing from that cynical prejudice by petitioning for adherence to judicial protocol.

  220. Ronald Joyal says:

    Please add my name.

  221. Bel Nash says:

    I completely endorse this letter

  222. Antonia says:

    Please add my name too. Antonia Omirou

  223. Mrs J E Patel says:

    I wish to endorse this letter and appeal to the Lord Chancellor to correct these huge injustices which Mr. Assange is suffering, immediately. Thank you in advance.

  224. Jane Brownrigg says:

    I fully endorse the contents of this letter and act in the capacity of signatory to it. By doing so I am in the company of anyone who upholds the rule of law both in the UK and abroad. By abroad I mean those countries involved with the case of Julian Assange, not limited to, Sweden, U.S.A., Australia. It is my understanding of the case against Julian Assange that no case exists against him in law. Furthermore his arbitrary detention as a political prisoner of the U.K. is unlawful and has been condemned by the U.N.
    I hereby sign the attached email. Sincerely Jane Brownrigg

  225. Jane Henderson says:

    I fully support this letter and would like my name ‘Jane Henderson’ signed upon this letter.

  226. Corazon Renata says:

    I fully endorse the contents of this letter and act in the capacity of signatory to it. By doing so I am in the company of anyone who upholds the rule of law both in the UK and abroad. By abroad I mean those countries involved with the case of Julian Assange, not limited to, Sweden, U.S.A., Australia. It is my understanding of the case against Julian Assange that no case exists against him in law. Furthermore his arbitrary detention as a political prisoner of the U.K. is unlawful and has been condemned by the U.N.
    I hereby sign the attached email

  227. John Rogers says:

    Please add my name to this open letter.

  228. Andy Alcock says:

    I too endorse this letter. It is interesting to see the conservative British authorities – while bragging about the fairness of their legal system – are doing nothing about this corruption in high places and are persecuting Julian Assange and violating his human rights after he exposed international crimes against human rights and corruption. The hypocrisy, mendacity, arrogance and corruption of these people should stir us all to action. Free Julian Assange and other whistle blowers and imprison the real criminals!

  229. Robin Spalding says:

    Please add my name

  230. I, Sarolta Elizabeth Kérészy whole heatedly endlrse this open letter to the Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland and Lord Chief Justice Robert Burnett, Lord Malden. It is erudite, containing all the valid arguments, backed up with the appropriate sources pertaining to the disgraceful farce surrounding the unlawful retaining of Julian Assange. A pathetic charade acted out by two corrupt convenors in the his cade- judge Emma Arbuthnot and Magistrate Vanessa Bareitser.Arbuthnots interests in this case should have recused her long ago. Continuing to supervise the hearings is ensuring that her personal agenda in this matter is fulfilled. Bareitser has shown appalling lack of equanimity.those present at the hearings have been appalled by her rudeness towards Assange- clearly more in place in South Africa orbin Israel. She too has her own axe to grind and having family ties with active Zionists in Israel will leave little doubt as to where her interests lie, as well as a gratitude for an Israeli pension her husband is in receipt of. Neither of them should be anywhere near this case- such as it is- having dragged the British justice system into the sewer and made a mockery of the legal profession. Lord Malden’s guide to Judges and Magistrates in March,regarding handling of cases and sentencing during the pandemic went totally unheeded. Not only should both be removed from this case but proceedings should be taken against them as unfit to practice their profession and for their corruption to be recognised for what it is, with the most serious of consequences.

  231. Cheryl Sanchez says:

    CHERYL JADC. We need to send a clear message to the UK Judiciary operating as a vassal state judiciary, You cannot imprison an innocent Journalist and Publisher for doing journalism, even if, what he printed was 1005 accurate.The uk Extradition Act 2003 is one sided and, should be repealed now. US laws should be for US citizen who has committed crimes within US national borders. Julian Assange is not a US citizen.

  232. kevin marley says:

    Please add my name

  233. oscar says:

    Please add my name

  234. Francesca Brock says:

    Please add my name.

  235. Gareth Watson says:

    Gareth Watson

  236. sylvia bennet says:

    Arbuthnot has disgraced the legal system of Britain. Her flouting of the law in regards to the case of Julian Assange has brought Britain and its’ legal system into disrepute. In order to retain any semblance of honesty and faith in how Britain executes the law, Arbuthnot must be removed.

  237. Max Juss Cook says:

    Great Work!
    Please add my signature; Max N Cook (Australia)

  238. butlincat says:

    Pls add my signature = J. Graham

  239. Elise Histed says:

    Please add my signature to this letter. I support it in every respect. Dr. Elise Histed

  240. Ayana Behati says:

    Please add my signature

  241. Adrian Dickensoin says:

    I absolutely endorse the contents of this letter – end the torture of Julian Assange and remove the conflicted judge.

    Adrian Dickenson, Hove, East Sussex.

  242. I support this letter. We need an investigation in this case. Please add my signature to this letter.

  243. Deborah Iannotti Seemayer-Iannotti says:

    I too, seek an urgent and immediate investigation into this matter and the removal of Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot from office on the ground of misbehaviour. This entire fiasco is a farce and all authorities should be ashamed at their treatment of Julian Assange.

  244. Karen-Sina says:

    Please add my signature. I support this letter.

  245. James Amend, Ph.D. says:

    …Please add my signature as well – the continuing unlawful imprisonment and torture of Julian Assange must end. Those responsible for his treatment are the ones who must be hunted down and punished. The only possibility for free, transparent information for all of us is total REVOLUTION – time to end the corporate Fascist oppression revealed through the heroism of Julian Assange…

  246. Magda Kovacs says:

    Please add my signature

  247. Julie Pack says:

    Julie Pack – I wholeheartedly agree with this letter and wish to add my name. The USA have made their intentions known and I’ve never believed he would ever be given a fair trial. I had expected U.K. justice to be fair and just. Julian Assange is a journalist that exposes crime and corruption and has been persecuted shamelessly because powerful people seek vengeance and as a warning to others. He is not only fighting for his freedom he is fighting for his life. U.K. mainstream media remain silent on this historical case and I wonder why that is? Could it be that if the facts of this case were known to a wider audience the British people would see how corrupt our government and justice system has become? For judge Snow to call Julian a narcissist shows bias, it’s personal. If that wasn’t bad enough, the facts detailed in this letter clearly show that Emma Arbuthnot should never have any involvement in this case or influence and should be removed immediately. People around the world are paying attention to how we are mistreating Julian and as a U.K. citizen I am enraged at the cruelty and injustice of it all. We are supposed to be allies with the US but in this instance we are partners in crime. Have we fallen so low as a country that we submit to America’s demands and extradite Julian without allowing him a fair and just ( unbiased ) trial. This story of Julians treatment and trial will be told and repeated and remembered as well as the names of all those involved. Will the U.K. be remembered for his imprisonment and torture or for giving him justice by refusing his extradition and giving him back his freedom? Time will tell but do not deny this man a fair trial. Journalism is not a crime, truth will always be found. Free Assange

  248. Sheila Stewart says:

    I fully concur! Free Julian Assange! Free speech; journalism is NOT a crime! Human Rights – save Julian Assange Now.

  249. Xanthe says:

    Please add my signature to the open letter; a catalogue of infamy directed toward a truly heroic soul.

  250. De Cock says:

    I co-sign this letter. Thank you.

  251. Torti says:

    Free Julian Assange. Agathe Torti

  252. Jan Rock says:

    I add my signature to this letter.
    Please show us, Justice still exists.

  253. Trevor Robinson says:

    I endorse this letter. Please end Julian Assange’s torture for the “crime” of independent journalism and exposing war-crimes.

  254. Chris Parker says:

    Prove that justice exists in England! Assange is innocent!

  255. c. porter says:

    Free Julian Assange. Defend him against these gangsters. Please add my signature to the letter.

  256. Janet Hassall says:

    Outrageous that he is stll detained. Free Assange now! I support this letter.

  257. John Anthony Leehane says:

    I read this open letter.
    I’ll sign it, add my name.

    John A Leehahe (aka on twitter as @AtchaJohn)

  258. Adrian Rupp says:

    I fully support this letter and would you please add my signature.

  259. Assange supporter says:

    Please add my signature

  260. G Jackson says:

    Please add my signature

  261. Corinne HENRY, signature. Co-fondatrice du groupe Facebook français d’actions et d’informations “Assange l’Ultime Combat” aujourd’hui plus de 8 100 membres qui a organisé des déplacements à Londres, des lives pendant le confinement et des rassemblements à Paris. J’approuve pleinement cette lettre, que la vérité et la justice soient! Immédiatement… Corinne HENRY, signature. Co-founder of the French Facebook action and information group “Assange l’Ultime Combat”, now with more than 8,100 members, which has organised trips to London lives during the pandemy and rallies in Paris. I fully endorse this letter, truth and justice have to be!

  262. Robyn Gilbertson says:

    I fully support this letter.
    (Dr) Robyn Gilbertson

  263. Steven Howden says:

    I fully endorse this letter, Steven Howden @AssangeScotland

  264. Michael Lane says:

    The flagrant bias of Lady Arbuthnot and Vanessa Baraitser’s misconduct of the case against Julian Assange should have led to a mistrial and his immediate release. That this travesty of the British justice sustem is taking place in the birthplace of the Magna Carta is a national disgrace.
    Please add my signature.

  265. Lupe says:

    I endorse this letter. The travesty of Julian Assange’s trial should be halted and he should be released immediately and unconditionally. The authorities – domestic and international – should deploy all necessary resources to urgently investigate and prosecutute the myriad of crimes that Wikileaks has exposed.

    Lupe Canizales

  266. Alan Dow says:

    The UK justice system is as much on trial here as Julian Assange. It has already proven itself guilty and secured its own noose. Drastic action is needed to prevent the next step into an abyss from which there can be no return.

  267. Alex Hills says:

    I would like to sign this open letter myself as well as on behalf of more than 900 Free Assange NZ supporters and if I may on behalf of 2,300+ members worldwide of Candles4Assange ❤️

  268. Mark Brooks says:

    I totally support this letter.
    Furthermore, the persecution of a journalist for publishing TRUTH about WARCRIMES is morally wrong, ethically bankrupt & sets a very dangerous precedent.
    The trial that should be taking place, should be happening at The Hague, Julian Assange should be a witness for the prosecution, and the accused should be past & present officials of the US government. That will not happen yet, because ‘’ is still a stick, wielded by the powerful, to punish the weak. i.e. It’s a farce. But this particular farce – the persecution of Julian Assange – can be, and should be, stopped, right here and now.
    Do the right thing

  269. Gretchen Rodriquez says:

    I am American and I want Julian Assange freed NOW! There are NO grounds to hold him, he is an innocent publisher!

  270. María Eugenia says:

    Julian Assange is Innocent. Release him now

  271. María Eugenia says:

    Julian Assange is Innocent. Freeforhimnow

  272. Kitty Hundal says:

    I agree fully with this Open Letter. It is the job of the Judicial System to protect the people from abuses of power and corruption and to ensure that Justice is not only done but seen to be done. If we can’t trust the Judicial System to do their job, who can we trust?

  273. Elisabeth Robyn says:

    I totally agree with this letter! In fact i rejoice that, at long last, such a legitimate initiative has been undertaken! It’s a long awaited for, truly inspiring document! Wishing immediate success!

  274. Alina Lilova says:

    I fully endorse the request that Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot be removed from office and an investigation be conducted into why she failed to disclose her conflicts of interest in the Julian Assange case and why, far from recusing herself, she continues to play a supervisory role even after the media revealed her clear lack of neutrality. Assange must be freed immediately and compensated.

  275. I am most concerned that due process and a transparent legal appointment has not been been achieved in the US v Julian Assange case proven by Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot’s conflicts of interests as well documented here. I fully support this letter to right this injustice and to avoid claims of misfeasance, nepotism and acting ultra vires of judicial power.

  276. Aggie Lukaszewski says:

    The persecution of Julián Assange and the free press he represents is the reason for the crumbling of faith in a just government.

  277. Lilain Duffy says:

    I fully endorse the grave & erudite objections to the travesty of justice this extradition hearing of Julian Assange, wanted by the highest ranking officials in US, for purposes that can only be described as ‘sinister’; I am referring here to the many death threats aimed at Mr Assange, and able to be viewed on YouTube readily. I have lodged a formal objection against Lady Arbuthnot’s failure to recuse, and against Chief Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser, who handling of the hearing can only be described as appallingly unprofessional. Both complaints were lodged through the appropriate formal channels. I can only hope that the corrupt behaviour of the UK judiciary will be terminated and I suggest that not only should Mr Assange and his family be compensated, but that actions will be taken to provide a legal remedy against the malpractice of both Lady Arbuthnot and Vanessa Baraitser,
    Lilain Duffy

  278. sue taylor says:

    Consider my signature appended here. I wholeheartedly endorse this request. Justice must be done.

  279. Meurig says:

    I fully support this letter, not to do so would be to accept biased + corrupt law.

  280. Yes, I’d like my name added to the signatures. Please make a box where we fill in our name and email address etc and click validate because this way just takes too much time to get through and sign, you’ll lose a lot of potential signatures without clear boxes to fill in and click “validate”.

    • Katya Compass says:

      Perhaps WiseUp can find a way to accommodate people who wish to sign in a faster fashion but are having difficulties. In the meantime, it’s great to have the comments of people. Petitions collect signatures, but little feedback. Thank you Charlotte for your support and your feedback. It’s much appreciated!

  281. Sergey says:

    Please, missis Arbuthnot and missis Baraitser, let Julian Assange free. I dont want judge you, dont judge Assange wrong way

  282. Monique says:

    Je tiens à appuyer cette lettre dénonçant les abus de pouvoir scandaleux de membres de la magistrature britannique.

  283. James Mealey says:

    Its absolutely astonsihing that conflicts of this nature have to be spelt out to Arbuthnot.
    Her stock in trade, after all, is meant to centre on the ability to impartially evaluate evidence in order to reach a balanced judgement.

    Are no senior figures within the legal establishment not alarmed by this egregious oversight, or more importantly the broader issue of state power being misused to torture a journalist in a high security prison?

    The contemptible apathy of the MSM as well as most political figures illustrate how pervasive the influence of the US has become, especially when it comes to anything that might threaten their sinister geopolitical ambitions.

  284. Ruth Powell says:

    I fully support this letter.
    Time to respond, please!

  285. BADARD Claudine says:

    Je soutiens cette lettre. Julian Assange doit être libéré sans condition et immédiatement

  286. Manuel Pardo says:

    Thank you! I fully agree with your assessment and request for investigation.

  287. Viktor DEDAJ says:

    Signing : Viktor Dedaj – journalist- France

  288. Birgit V. says:

    I co-sign this letter.

  289. Gabriel Morales says:

    I fully endorse this letter which conveys the feeelings and ideas all good people should have about.this painful issue which shows what the future of liberties may well be if we do not stop this mascarade.

  290. Susan Benn says:

    I fully support this excellent letter. I am endorsing this as someone who has known Julian well since 2010 and as a Trustee of The Courage Foundation which exists to defend courageous people like Julian who exposed war crimes in the public interest.
    Due process of UK law does not exist in Julian’s case.
    The British government is politically manipulating the process.

  291. Kaleigh says:

    I fully support this letter.
    Well done.

  292. Adam says:

    I co-sign!

  293. Andrew Shevlin says:

    Free Assange, jail the war criminals!

  294. Steve says:

    Arbuthnot should be disbarred and publicly disgraced for her vindictive & biased rulings.

    • I would also add Venessa Bareister. Equally gross in her courtroom misconduct. According to John Peoplget, whose balanc d observations I respect, he observed at the hearings Bareister’s appalling attitude towards Assange. Her decisions also seemed to come “pre-wrapped”. Therefore it is clear there was no consultation and weighing up of material presented by Assange’s legal representatives. Bareister had her d visions ready made, with youthful Americans running back and forth in the hearing- clearly mouthpu c s for the current administration

  295. Thank you for an EXCELLENT Letter. Bravo.
    Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot MUST be removed from office immediately for Conflict of Interests and misbehaviour. If the Chief Chancellor and Chief Justice do not sack her with all these evidence provided, it’ll be another reason for Assange’s defence to call for an UNFAIR TRIAL! Plus, more clear evidence of the corruption of the UK “justice” system, and the Travesty of Justice on Assange’s case. They have the gall to say that “Assange is not ABOVE the Law”. Well, neither are them.

    Shame on the UK!!

  296. Clare Stranack says:

    Thank you for this letter. the case of Julian Assange is a watermark in the history of so-called liberal nations in the West. He must not be extradited.

  297. denise flood says:

    i endorse this letter

  298. Sam Broughton says:

    I support this open letter wholeheartedly and call for the immediate release of Julian Assange AND COMPENSATION FOR THE SUFFERING INFLICTED UPON HIM BY THE BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT THESE PAST FEW YEARS!

  299. Thank-you for this brilliant letter. I wholly support this protest against the cruel and malevolent slow motion murder of an innocent & courageous man

  300. josiane greggio says:

    Je voudrais également signer cette lettre,le courage de Julian Assange renforce chaque jour notre détermination à le soutenir!

  301. Wolf Goehring says:

    I completly support this open letter

  302. jenny says:

    Thank you for this Letter!

    We must continue the fight to FREE Julian Assange.

    The Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno handed Julian over to the British Police in a cowardly act of self preservation due to his involvement in INA CORP (18 million bribe),

    Lenin Moreno is perceived as one of the most corrupt presidents in Latin America and he was used to achieve the UK’ and US’ objectives, capture and torture Julian Assange as a punishment for enabling the world to see the TRUTH!

    It is a travesty and one of the most transcendental violations of human rights and the Ecuadorean constitution. Julian Assange must be freed and Lenin Moreno must be behind bars!

  303. Veronika Smurova says:

    Free Julian Assange now!!!

  304. Allen Jasson says:

    This is an excellent statement of the many outrageous contrivances that degrade and expose this trial of Julian Assange to be, in the words of Nils Melzer a “political persecution” as part of “a murderous system”. It is clearly being conducted in collaboration with the perpetrators, aiders and abettors of Criminals exposed by Wikileaks.

    What is at stake here is not merely public confidence that magistrates are impartial and independent but that there still exist forces within the high-level architecture of the legal and government system that we all depend upon who remain committed to its integrity. Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot clearly represents the antithesis of impartiality and integrity.
    The trial of Julian Assange is not a trial of the man himself, it is a trial of the system that currently appears to be entirely corrupted to the interests of criminals who would have him persecuted.
    Erosion of public confidence in ‘a few bad apples’ is one matter of concern, but complete collapse of public confidence in the overall system of government and justice is quite another matter.

  305. sigerico says:

    Agreed. It’s throughly despicable. You have my endorsement.

  306. Nikola Mitev says:

    I support the complaint and this letter.

  307. Nerina Vaughan says:

    Please add my signature

  308. Tess Maskell says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this letter. Free Julian Assange.

  309. butlincat says:

    What has been going on for far too long is barbaric. #FreeAssange #FreeSchulte

  310. Jamie Ewing says:

    I support this letter with my name (Jamie Ewing). It is totally disgraceful the lack of due process given to Julian Assange, who is being tortured in Belmarsh prison, held in solitary confinement, denied access to his lawyers, refused bail and the UK Gov & justice system are complicit. Why have the respective Governments (UK, US, Swedish, Australian & Ecuador) all ignored the endless UN reports that refer to the public mobbing, psychological torture, false allegations by Sweden and now BIAST JUDGES in the UK Show trial. For this reason and many other the charges should be dropped and Julian released immediately and compensated.

  311. Jeremy Caplan says:

    Thank you for this letter. Assange deserves a fair trial, not abuse. When she called him a “narcissist” in open court before ever meeting him she made her bias clear.

    • butlincat says:

      She and her cronies are drunk with power. It’s shameful.

    • Katya Compass says:

      Jeremy, just a little note. It was Judge Snow who called him a “narcissist”. But Arbuthnot did all the other tricks to get him in her torture chamber. She should be removed and if there’s any justice, she should be prosecuted for the crime of torture.

  312. Josephine Milligan says:

    I completely endorse this letter.

    The willful dishonest and deceitful actions carried out by the British Government and its Judiciary against Julian Assange have been unconscionable. They have shown themselves to be corrupt to the core and this trial has been nothing more than a show trial, nothing to do with justice.

    The fact that Arbuthnot and her equally corrupt puppet, Judge Barraitser, care little for the fact that Julian Assange’s only “crime” has been that he is a journalist who has exposed SERIOUS crimes kept secret by Governments, shows that the British Government and its Judiciary are complicit in wanting to hide SERIOUS crimes. They would rather see Julian Assange die from torture and covid than concede the possibility that he did the world a huge public service. To use the excuse that Julian Assange is a flight risk is a complete joke and a pitiful excuse: he is seriously ill and he has a young family.

    The question is, is there enough decency left in the British Judicial system to do the right thing? It is truly a grotesque travesty of justice.

  313. Brognon Monique says:

    I would like to add my signature to this letter.

  314. paula iasella says:

    Paula Iasella. I agree with this open letter entirely. Emma Arbuthnot is another player in a long line of elites covering up their corruption by persecuting and silencing Assange. It’s been known for over a year that her family’s exposure in WikiLeaks docs was reason for her to step aside. She only stepped far enough to hide in the wings and pull the strings of the callous Vanessa Baraitser. It’s a shameful show trial which will go down in the history books as the kangaroo trial of the century in its attempt to criminalize free press as a means to cover up corporate and govt war crimes.

  315. Kuiper says:

    In this letter is all i had experienced in reading the articles, comments and videos . Compliments for for all the work in this. Many people who know about Assanges case will confirm thie content in this letter and will shout out the injustice in court and the denying of human rights in UK.
    SO #FREEASsANGE and #FreePress and #FairJustice.

  316. Highly commendable action. This fight must continue at all levels until Julian is freed.

  317. Jude Fleming says:

    Jude Fleming, Human Rights Defender, author, artist

    Thank you Niki K for a phenomenal letter.

  318. Robert Marshall says:

    The UK needs to fix the Assange situation. The UK Home of the Magna Carta is turning into a Banana Republic. Shameful.

  319. Inflatable Whale says:

    Thanking those involved for their continued efforts to get justice for JA and truth to the ppl.

  320. Paula Iasella says:

    Paula Iasella. I agree wholeheartedly with this open letter. Emma Arbuthnot’s family connections with organizations that Wikileaks exposed their corruption should require her removal completely, in all capacity, from the Assange case.

  321. Anna Palczynska says:

    Thank you! I fully agree with your assessment and request for investigation.

  322. Texas says:

    I support your efforts to end the torture of Julian Assange, an independent journalist and publisher. Free people need a free and independent press. Assange published true facts. This is what a free press does.

  323. zrpradyer says:

    An excellent letter expressing my sentiments – thank you.

    How ashamed I am of the deterioration in public life of this once proud nation.

    Wishing you well in your mission of bringing justice to the innocent.

    • Ana Garcia says:

      Great letter and ever greater courage in writing it. Thank you.

      Ashamed indeed is how I feel too. GB and London in particular provided a safe refuge for me when my country of birth had let me down so badly. Since then British people have allowed their regard for truth, justice and accountability to gradually become a regard for lies and injustice instead. Whistleblowers / truth tellers are punished while many of the responsible ones for the crimes / wrong doing exposed seem to be rewarded. What does this say to society’s youth about their grown up role models? Is this the path we want them to continue following?

  324. Richard Tye says:

    Richard Tye

    • djmadar says:

      Thank you for everything you’ve done Julian.

      It is a disgrace that our so-called free society is treating him this way. Flagrant disregard for justice, fairness or the rule of law.

      Such a shame our government busy trying to blame Russia on everything

    • Gwendolyn Schumacher says:

      Gwendolyn Schumacher

    • Dane Owen says:

      Dane Owen, Australia.

    • Alfreda Benge says:

      Juian’s treatment has been atrocious, inhumane and sadistic. For those who rule this country to allow this to happen is so shameful it’s beyond belief.
      He MUST be released’

      I would like to be another signatory to this letter

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