JADC Advice on Arrest Card from June 2020

Dear Friends in the struggle to Free Assange,

After last Saturday’s police dispersing our solidarity vigil at Piccadilly Circus, and arresting one person under covid regulations section 7 for refusing to disperse, we are concerned about the disproportionate actions of Metropolitan Police who employed twice the number of police officers to disperse an assembly of less than 30 people in open air.

Back in June when we decided to return to street actions we knew that the risk was that police would target us. We prepared this Flyer in June and distributed to our members and supporters:


Please download this  Advice on Arrest (front) and distribute widely.

The new powers bestowed to the police by Parliament under the covid regulations demand a steep learning curve for activists and WikiLeaks supporters who wish to continue street actions in a legitimate manner in support of Julian Assange. We shall issue more instructions as we discover the new regime that governs street protests. In the meanwhile read here Liberty’s advise.

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3 Responses to JADC Advice on Arrest Card from June 2020

  1. Nimpz says:

    Beginning ? Hello ? Dissent has been suppressed since the Dark Ages began, in today’s Darker Ages it is as lethal but better disguised

  2. Annie McStravick says:

    Craig Murray posted a video here:

    I do not believe that the arrival of a highly disproportionate number of police had anything to do with coronavirus measures. I believe it had everything to do with suppressing a show of public support for Julian.

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