11/12/2020 Dignity Commission Award Ceremony followed by protest outside Westminster Magistrates Court

Join us at 10am on Friday the 11/12/20 for the Catalonia Dignity Commission 2019 award ceremony outside Westminster Magistrates court, 181 Marylebone Road.

The Catalan Dignity Commission awarded its 2019 Dignity Prize to WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange.  The Committee to Defend Julian Assange, grassroots solidarity for the WikiLeaks publisher is honoured to receive the award on behalf of Julian Assange. It is a great honour for all grassroots activists! Please join us in support of this wonderful opportunity to honour Julian Assange by participating in the award ceremony.

This is a short video in Catalan commissioned by the Dignity Commission:

Here is a video of the award ceremony in Barcelona earlier in the year (pre-covid).

The Dignity Commission is a NGO founded in 2002. They initially recovered archives and documents confiscated by the Franco regime as their primary objective. But they have fanned out into wider activities concerning the struggle to overcome the deep ongoing effects of the Franco regime in other fields such as the annulment of death (and other) penalties against democrats that Spain had not carried out after the restoration of democracy post Franco. They work in favour of radical democracy in all fields.

In Solidarity! #FreeAssange

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