11/12/2020 At Westminster Magistrates Court – Dignity Award 2019 for Julian Assange

Catalonian Dignity prize awarded to Julian Assange Artist Daniel Fooks donates a Julian Assange Painting to supporters.

From the Commission de la Dignitat Press Release:

“The Dignity Prize was presented to Julian Assange today at 11.00 am in front of the Westminster Court in London where the trial is being held to decide whether the United Kingdom extradites the founding journalist of Wikileaks to the United States. The Dignity Award granted by the Dignity Commission consists of a letter “D” and has been awarded in the past to personalities and organizations such as Neus Català, Jordi Borràs, journalists Carlos Enrique Bayo and Patricia López, No Woman in Oblivion or the comedian Ferreres. In the parliament that Júlia Strubell Prats read on behalf of the Dignity Commission, the fact that the Commission wanted to recognize in Julian Assange “the very essence of democratic journalism based on transparency and the right of citizens” was emphasized. In awarding the prize, the Commission would also like to thank Julian Assange for his support of the Catalan People’s Right to Self-Determination, as well as the valuable help he offered to the possibility of the Referendum on October 1, 2017. The event was organized by the Julian Assange Defence Committee in London, and a large banner was unfurled calling for Assange’s release in line with what was demanded by many human rights organizations the world and, in particular, by UN observer Nils Melzer this week. […]”

***End of Press release***

Eric Levy accepted the award on behalf of The Committee to Defend Julian Assange and said a few words to the gathered supporters.

Mohamed El Maazi wrote a beautiful report of the events here: https://sputniknews.com/uk/202012111081429702-julian-assange-awarded-prize-by-catalonia-dignity-commission-outside-westminster-magistrates-court/

Then artist Daniel Fooks donated a Julian Assange painting to the gathered supporters.

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  1. James says:

    Great to see such support for Julian again outside the Magistrates Court and this time by the award from Catalonia to Julian for Dignity. Why is it other countries recognise the brilliant work of Wikileaks and Julian Assange, yet our own (home of democracy) openly tortures him in a UK prison? The British Government has blood on it’s hands and will appear in the Hague, if Julian or for that matter any other prisoner were to die from the Corona virus in Belmarsh. They are deliberately ignoring measures that could save lives and continuing with the torture. This week a Swedish psychologist has written to prison Governor Davis and Robert Buckland expressing her concern for Julian’s life. Here is what she wrote:

    Dear Governor Rob Davis, Belmarsh Prison, London, Great Britain , cc to whom it may concern

    Swedish authorities and Swedish media as well as individuals have treated Julian Assange in a most disgraceful way. Equally guilty are British authorities and British media.
    This cruel and inhuman treatment must stop before death us part from Julian Assange who has provided us with information of war crimes meant to remain secrets and make us blind to atrocities committed in the name of democracy. If he dies in prison or is sentenced to 175 years imprisonment in the USA, we will have to live with the guilt and shame of not doing enough to stop this historical injustice.
    I am a resident of Sweden and of Swedish nationality. As a psychologist working with drug users, I am familiar with prisons and aware of problems you confront . I read that all infected prisoners are moved to the same part of the prison as Julian Assange, who we know is weak and has breathing problems. The letter also states that Mr Assange is held in his cell 24 hours per day.
    I am concerned for his life and ask you, to please do your utmost to save Julian Assange´s life and that you-in your capacity as Governor of Belmarsh prison – will use your authority to have Julian Assange released so he can be treated fairly and decently.
    Best regards,

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