Report 17/12/2020 The Guardian Free Julian #Assange Protest

On Chelsea Manning’s Birthday 17th of December we returned to The Guardian to demand they take down the lies against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange propagated in their pages. Trade Unionist and academic Deepa Driver demanded The Guardian guards the truthtellers and not establishment interests and their propaganda campaigns. She also explains the many innovations in journalism pioneered by WikiLeaks. Watch her speech below:

Maxine Walker from JADC called out the lies the Guardian has published and talked about the role of establishment propaganda in the context of reactionary forces preventing social improvement for the majority of the people,. She talked about the reality based society efforts to understand reality based on facts vs the establishment’s efforts to shape our perceptions.  Enjoy the videos and photos below, in solidarity Free Julian Assange!

Read Mohamed’s report here:

If you are a German speaker please read Moritz Mueller’s report here:












Many Thanks to independent reporters Drew McFadyen, Joe Brack and Mohamed El Maazi for covering the event as well as Ruptly. The day after our protest THe Guardian produced the strongest editorial to date opposing Julian Assange’s US extradition.

You can Read Mohamed’s report here:

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