Write to your Member of Parliament to countersign the letter to Robert Buckland asking to see Julian Assange

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December 19, 2020 –

On Thursday this week a group of British parliamentarians have written to Justice Secretary Robert Buckland asking for a meeting with Julian Assange ahead of the extradition ruling which is due on 4 January.

The request came after a recent meeting with United Nations special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer, who made an urgent call to the UK’s Johnson government for the immediate release of Assange after 10 years of arbitrary detention.

“Mr Assange is held in HMP Belmarsh only on remand, awaiting the extradition hearing and not for any violations of UK law,” the letter says.

Amongst the MPs are Richard Burgon, David Davis, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Tommy Sheppard.

You can also contact your MP and ask them to sign on to the letter.

The Guardian followed up with an editorial piece on Friday opposing the extradition: “The US should never have brought the case against the WikiLeaks founder. This attack on press freedom must be rejected”

Julian Assange’s fiancé Stella Moris has also pleaded to President Donald Trump to pardon Assange during an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. On Friday night she tweeted to the president with the words – “All I want for Christmas is for Julian to walk out of prison as a free man to embrace our little boys.”

For more visit: https://dontextraditeassange.com/

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3 Responses to Write to your Member of Parliament to countersign the letter to Robert Buckland asking to see Julian Assange

  1. Julie says:

    President Trump Pardon Julian Assange he shouldn’t be in prison for our 1st amendment

  2. MARY Smit says:

    Please add this note to any Member of Parliament to countersign .. there are so many to choose from thus all of them .. thankyou for considering this task.. The implication of extradition of
    **Mr. Assange*** goes far beyond this case against him. There is no legal basis to detain him and he should be Promptly Released . Journalism & Publishing is not a Crime. Release him from HMP Belmarsh for him to be a freeman and be Home pre Christmas 2020 .Noting a published book IN Print: Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.. is easy to find and hold strongly in your hands to Read. May all have a better time for this Holiday Season , thankyou ..Sincerely yours from Mary. Hopewell -Smit Dec.23 ,2020

  3. James says:

    This is a good idea. I have written to my MP asking that she sign this letter.

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