Write to the Lord Chancellor to #FreeAssange

The situation for Julian Assange in Belmarsh is worrying. Journalist John Simpson raises the alarm:

He reported what Stella Moris, Julian Assange’s partner, said that Julian Assange still hasn’t received the warm winter clothes delivered to Belmarsh for him in October. He continues that conditions for everyone there, prisoners & staff, are worrying, that heating is erratic, and there’s serious understaffing because of C-19 outbreak.

Such conditions are detrimental for any human being. Julian Assange’s health history both physical and mental make these conditions tortuous. A publisher, treated as an enemy of the state in the US because WikiLeaks revealed evidence of war crimes and corruption, one cannot but acknowledge that being placed in this situation is quite deliberate. The will of consecutive USA administrations is being carried out by the hand of the UK state since 2010.

Contrary to preserving high standards in Human Rights, refusing winter clothing and maintaining cold temperatures constitutes torture and pose a risk of life. As a Secretary of the State for Justice Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland has a duty to ensure facilitates and resources in prison are in accordance with article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights. If detention cannot be reached in accordance with article 3 it is his duty to release Julian Assange to remedy this breach of his human rights.

Write to your Member of Parliament to ask Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland why is Julian Assange put in such tortuous conditions at Belmarsh and demand he is freed.

Alternatively write to the Lord Chancellor directly:

Lord Chancellor’s Private Office
Ministry of Justice
102 Petty France

Or call his office: Phone: 020 3334 3555

Read here Niki Konstantinidis letter to Robert Buckland.

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