Wednesday 10/03/2021 8-9pm: Julian #Assange Local Resident in Danger!

Wednesday 10/03/2021 8-9pm: Julian Assange Local Resident in Danger!

The Greenwich and Lewisham Assange Campaign is organising a Zoom online meeting!

Hear about what the antiwar movement owes Julian Assange and how we can campaign locally for his health and safety while he is in Belmarsh

(a national event has now been arranged for 7 pm, so we hope that you will be able to attend both)

This is a Free Event Click here to Register Now!  


Sami Ramadani: Iraqi exile, senior lecturer in sociology, Stop the War Steering Committee & local resident

Emmy Butlin: coordinator of the Committee for the Defence of Julian Assange

Helen Mercer: Greenwich and Lewisham Assange Campaign

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  1. James says:

    Great to see this support for Julian. I am sharing this event with our group tonight and will attend tomorrow evening. Many thanks for the great work you are all doing.

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