10/4/21 Flyering to #FreeAssange in the banks of the Thames

Seven supporters answered the JADC call to canvass support for Julian Assange at the banks of Thames river in Southbank during a cold and wet Saturday afternoon.

The arts and entertainment area of London since Shakespeare’s time with art galleries, museums and attractions, thousands of people a day walk at Southbank visiting the sights. This Saturday our voices were raised in defence of Julian Assange as we approached the second anniversary of his arbitrary arrest and imprisonment. Our voices mingled with those of artists, entertainers and we were encouraged by the response of the public. We shall return with a regular Information desk and flyering at this location. Here are some photos from the event.

We finished our day with poping in at the Ecuadorian Embassy puting up posters advertising the actions of the next day on three locations to commemmorate Julian Assange’s second Anniversary of arbitrary arrest and imprisonment!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. You are doing a wonderful job on this matter. I admire you. Stay strong, stay safe!

  2. Ines GEMAEHLING says:

    Thank so much for this good news . Much love from Paris to all you fighters for Julian Assange’s FREEDOM !!

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