Saturday 03/07/21 – Join us celebrating Julian Assange’s 50th Birthday

We continue the struggle to Free Julian Assange, defend Press Freedom and strengthen our Democracy.

Join in celebrating the 50th Birthday of Political prisoner Julian Assange. We go close to where his heart beats at Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh with a celebratory solidarity vigil. We shall listen to his words and his voice through recordings, listen to music inspired by his struggle, make speeches, share food, cut a cake in his honour and walk up to the gates for some loud chanting.

Join us as and when you can!

2-4pm Music, Julian Assange in his own words, open mike
4-5pm Speeches, messages
5pm Cutting of the Cake
5:30pm Walk to the Gates.


How to get there: Get to Plumstead Rail Station or Woolwich Arsenal Rail Station and catch the 244/380 bus to HMP Belmarsh

How to get to Plumstead

How to get to Woolwich Arsenal

Bus 380 route:
Bus 244 route:

Location: HMP Belmarsh, Western Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0EB

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4 Responses to Saturday 03/07/21 – Join us celebrating Julian Assange’s 50th Birthday

  1. Lauren Wilson says:

    Dear Julian,
    As you spend another unjustly imprisoned, please know that support for your freedom is growing. Your family and friends are doing amazingly at waking the world. Your freedom is my freedom and lime the millions of other supporters around the world, I will never stop advocating for you.
    Thank you for Wikileaks, you changed my world view and changed who I am for the better.
    In Solidarity,
    Lauren Wilson – USA
    PS hoping to see your Dad and brother in Miami!!

  2. Dear Julian, turning 50 was an interesting birthday for me as the number made me feel older than I felt. Please remember it is just a number and for what it’s worth, things for me changed in a very positive way after that milestone birthday.
    My greatest hope from being a huge supporter in your freedom and your work, is that you too will experience a positive outlook and your 50th Birthday will come to set you FREE aws you so deserve to be.
    Also, I can tell, your support is growing and your legal team working so hard will enlighten the corrupt powers that be to move forward and hopefully… drop those illegal hideous charges. The Courts must set you free. Peace and love to you and your family until then…
    In solidarity, Elyse Gilbert an unfortunate citizen of the corrupt USA.

  3. plougonven pierre says:

    du bout de ma petite Bretagne , de tout coeur avec toi , Julian !

  4. Roger Keyes says:

    Dear Julian, at a demo in Adelaide we were privileged to be visited by your wonderful Dad who circulated and spoke with each of us, inspiring us to keep on with our protest on your behalf. I call on the Great Spirit to strengthen you in your fight on our behalf. Adelaide friends.

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