Assange Fundraiser: Guided Walk on 600 Years of Radicals vs The Establishment – London Sunday July 4, 2021 by London Blue Badge Guide

When the British legal establishment upheld the US indictment against Julian Assange at the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey in January and only dismissed his extradition on mental health grounds, it was not just committing a gross injustice against him as an individual and the principle of a free press, but also reversing the direction of travel of 600 years of London history.

At 1.00pm on Sunday 4th July, London Blue Badge Guide, Sean Mitchell, will guide you through that 600-year tradition of individuals and groups who have taken on the establishment since the 14th century.

The walk will start at Blackfriars and end approximately two hours later on a Soviet Constructivist-style staircase near King’s Cross (please be aware that some of the route will require climbing stairs and be uphill). Although I do not plan to talk about Julian’s case specifically as part of the walk, we will be passing the Central Criminal Court as a salutary reminder of the irony of his fate in the 21st century when set against the preceding 600 years of broadly successful struggle of radicals versus the establishment which should have guaranteed that he would not have to go through what he is going through. In reflecting on the events which this walk will feature in the same city where Julian was dragged out of asylum in an embassy and remains subject to unlawful detention and torture (according to the UN) in a maximum security prison, I think we can see that history itself has gone into reverse in the times in which live.

I will take the first 20 people who donate £10 or more to the support campaign for Julian.

Please make your donations directly to the campaign at:

Please email Sean at to confirm that you will be joining me on the walk and how much you will be donating based on the number of people in your group, and I will email you details of the exact meeting point.

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