Parliamentarians must be allowed to discuss important press freedom issues with Julian Assange

A cross party initiative in support of Julian Assange includes Early Day Motion 220 by British Parliamentarians. We strongly encourage supporters to use this Don’t Extraditite Campaign easy to use form to ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion. Send us your reply for publication in this blog!

I wrote to my MP and on Monday I got a reply:

Dear Ms Butlin,

Thank you for your email to Julia Lopez MP regarding EDM 220 and press freedom. Julia has asked me to respond to your email on her behalf.

I must advise that Government Ministers are unable to sign EDMs as in doing so may be in breach of the ministerial code. However, I am pleased to advise that we have highlighted your concerns with the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, requesting they clarify the Government’s consideration of the EDM’s objective.

We will share the Government’s response as soon as we have received it.

With best wishes,


George Welch
Constituency Assistant to Julia Lopez

Here is my Letter to my MP:

Dear Julia Lopez MP,

I am sending you this campaign letter so that it comes to your attention although I am aware that government ministers are unable to sign EDMs.

An important Early Day Motion has been made available for MPs to sign. It is Early Day Motion 220 and it enjoys cross party support. I write in the hope that you will be willing to add your name. The motion reads:

‘That this House expresses its concern at the refusal of the UK Government and prison authorities to allow an online video meeting between Julian Assange and a cross-party group of British parliamentarians; notes that the request was first made in December 2020 in a letter signed by 17 British parliamentarians from four parties; believes parliamentarians must be allowed to discuss important issues relating to press freedoms and the UK-US Extradition Treaty with interested parties; and calls on the Government to facilitate this meeting between Julian Assange and a cross-party group of parliamentarians.’

The EDM can be found here:

Following this case for a decade it has been a litmus test for the quality of our democracy. I am not proud of the role our country has played in keeping the WikiLeaks publisher trapped all these years in legal limbo, degrading him more with every year that passes, hounding him. With his 50th Birthday approaching, this might be his last.

I would like an appointment to meet with you in person to discuss this matter. When is your next surgery place avaliable please?
Yours sincerely,

Emilia Butlin

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