New Flyer in Defence of #WikiLeaks publisher Julian #Assange e-mail us at and we’ll send you a free bundle of leaflets to distribute in your local area!

Our new flyer Assange November 2021 leaflet was written by Maxine Walker and designed by Derek Jardine. Printing paid by our JADC Annual fundraiser #WeWillWinThis

Julian Asange’s heart beats in Belmarsh prison living in a cell 23 hours a day, a living sacrifice for the knowledge he secured for us the people of the world.

Are you interested in Intelligence matters? The Global Economy? International Politics? Corporations? Government and Politics? War and Military? WikiLeaks has been the platform who democratised information in a meaningful way proving that as long as you can read and have access to the internet, there is no corridor of power that you can’t navigate yourself through. Walking down those the corridors listening to the conversations had and written behind closed doors shutting away from the eyes of the world information valuable for the good functioning of our democracies. Julian Assange built and curated that platform.

How dare they? How dare they take one of our best and throw him in a cell isolating him from the society that he has benefited? Is this the respect that authorities reserve for a society that dares to hope and dream of a better future?

Most of the time we lived as people on this Earth we lived in the mud, there are places on this planet where still people live in the mud. It is knowledge that gives us the strength to build a better life. Take action now to defend your right to strive, your right to know and act on this knowledge. Walk the streets with us and distribute our flyers in defence of one of our own whose feet have travelled further than most in bringing to light and spreading that knowledge. Join the fight to Free Julian Assange! Write to us at and we’ll send you for free a bundle of leaflets to distribute in your local area. Alternatively, download and print your copy from here: Assange November 2021 leaflet

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