Photos of Vigil for Julian #Assange at Australian Embassy Dublin Saturday 13th November 2021

June from #FreeAssange reporting from Ireland:

On the 13th of November a beautiful solidarity vigil in support of Julian Assange was held outside the Australian Embassy in Dublin where a supporter handed a letter to the Ambassador.

Dear Ambassador Gray.

I am writing to ask what you are presently doing in relation to one of your citizens presently being incarcerated in a British Prison namely HM Prison Belmarsh. Mr Assange has been held under atrocious conditions and I am appealing for the Australian Government to stand up and defend one of your citizens basic human rights. He has been treated severely by the British authorities something we Irish are familiar with our long history.

Can you please outline what you doing to assist in Mr Assange basic needs and how you are going to ensure that he is released from this Prison.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Future vigils will be held:

  • Saturday 27th November at the US Embassy (we all know where that is),
  • Saturday 4th December at the Department of Foreign Affairs (Iveagh House, between the bottom of Leeson Street and the bottom of Harcourt Street).

All the vigils will be for one hour starting at 1pm.

The vigils will be exclusively about Julian except for the last one at the Department of Foreign Affairs, which will also be about neutrality, Shannon, PESCO, EU Battle Groups, anything anyone wants to highlight in the form of banners, posters, leaflets, etc.”

Organised by Free Assange Ireland – 

To sign letter to Simon Coveney go to:   –  Here is the link to the full letter –  


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2 Responses to Photos of Vigil for Julian #Assange at Australian Embassy Dublin Saturday 13th November 2021

  1. Paula L Iasella says:

    Well done Dublin!! Everyone should be out in the streets at this point fighting for Julian’s life! These kind of actions no matter how small send a message to those in power! #FreeAssangeNOW

  2. xenonman says:

    You should also plan actions outside MI-6 and GCHQ!

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