The High Court may announce its decision on whether to Extradite Julian #Assange to the US this week. Call out for supporters to gather outside The Royal Courts as soon as decision is announced.

Since the High Court Extradition proceedings took place October 27/28 at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, supporters have been anxiously waiting the Judge’s decision.

When a delegation from JADC delivered our Open letter to the judges at The Royal Courts, on enquiry about the timimg of a decision, a clerk explained how judges go on Christmas holiday from the 11th of December till the new year, so a decision could be announced either before then or roll over to the new year.

Journalist James Doleman has put out on twitter that a Judgement is imminent on the US appeal against the lower court decision to block Julian’s extradition.

Supporters need to know that the decision will be first notified to the interested parties and then made public without a public hearing at a court.

The JADC will mount an emergency response should the judgement arrive and whichever way that judgement goes.

When the Judgement is announced we will gather as fast as possible outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in solidarity with Julian Assange. Their address is: The Strand, London WC2A 2LL

Please do your best to support this.

Our slogan will be ‘Free Him Now’. Whatever the Judgement is, further appeals are likely and we demand that Julian is freed pending proceedings.

We will tweet this out on the day and also email our JADC newsletter subscribers.

We cannot anticipate the timing of this event but would suggest that people gather as quickly as they can so that there is a presence there. Bring your posters and banners!

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