Police harassment against those exposing the brutal truth about Belmarsh Prison

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5 Responses to Police harassment against those exposing the brutal truth about Belmarsh Prison

  1. O'Neill says:

    P.S. Ms. O’Neill reserves all rights to new discoveries at any time and has a public Cease and Desist notice on her website given to perps (one of many).

  2. O'Neill says:

    Because I am in the U.S. and the mail system is too slow and unreliable, I have to say that as an O’Neill I can confirm that Julian tells the truth. I found my 2001 Airline Ticket in the back of the King James Bible where it sat unnoticed for many years. I do not care whether or not planes were used. It is the facts that will win Julian’s freedom. I can say for a FACT that these braggarts to 9/11 were stupid enough to leave fingerprints on this 2001 Airline Ticket that I have been researching on my own and have discovered that yes, the real perps are the ones Julian is talking about. In addition, some of these perps are Freemasons from Chicago, some of whom were federally indicted and caught in Los Angeles hacking and abusing computers and one in particular is a Chicago Godfather whom a lot of these cops admire. I say this because they have been threatening me with DCFS here in Jackson County Oregon in addition they attacked me during the SAME time when I did not even know about Julian’s story in 2011 – 2013. I am a single mom of a special needs kid and they have been stalking, intimidating and harassing me in order to silence me about this April 2001 Airline Ticket because it shows what happened to John Patrick O’Neill before 9/11. It is a rare find. I have decided to put this here in order for this info to hopefully get to someone who can help Julian because I am blessed to have found this Airline Ticket and clearly, these Freemason Perps from Chicago have a lot to lose by my coming forward. And their behaviors – many illegal committed under color of authority – have given them away because innocent people who have nothing to hide do not do these behaviors including threats by social workers overt and covert, some of whom live one house over from me on purpose because they have been stalking us this whole time without our knowledge or consent. Why? Because clearly, the real perps of 9/11 have a lot to lose.

  3. Jamie says:

    Thank you to those who wrote this article and to those brave people who go every week to Belmarsh prison. How disgusting is this government and Home secretary who send thugs to harass people who come peacefully to show support for those inside the prison hell of hmp belmarsh. And how can people inside the prison be treated with such cruelty, locked in their cells for 23 hours per day is beyond explanation. There is no justification in this cruelty. The UK claims democracy, human rights and justice. Go to belmarsh and you will learn the truth.

  4. Something is seriously rotten in the state of the world!!

  5. Tony+Spencer says:

    Now have a thought for 81 year old political prisoner Aravindan Balakrishnan, imagine what he is enduring in Dartmoor Prison while some people want to believe the vicious lies spread by the US- led British fascist state about him using his lying daughter! His situation is even worse than Julian Assange because he has been wrongly convicted and imprisoned!

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