A day of Infamy! 20/04/22 at Westminster Magistrates Court rubber stamping Julian #Assange’s US extradition

On Wednesday 20th of April 2021 Westminster Magistrates court rubber stamped the High Court’s decision to extradite Julian Assange to the US.

Let’s not forget who is imprisoned in HMP Belmarsh, This is Julian Assange:

As Maxine Walker from The Committee to Defend Julian Assange (JADC) says:

“This is a historic occasion in a bad sense, because we have seen the British Courts corrupted and politicised. An entirely unjust legal process has taken place. I place no faith what so ever in the British Courts, in fact, one of my favourite slogans is ‘British Justice, No Justice”, because if you oppose the system, as Assange did, if you reveal the secrets of this system, its wars its torture, its inequities, its corruption, then we know, there will be no justice for you through the court system. I think in the future, I would say the time for writing polite letters on this case is over. Parliament has failed. There are been very little fuss made in Parliament over Julian Assange. The judiciary has failed, the media has failed. The mainsteam media have vilified Julian, have helped to bring about the situation we see today, there should be 10,000 people outside the Court today!.”

Tim Dawson from the National Union of Journalists talked about the historic injustices against the Birminhgham six, the Guildford four and Nelson Mandela who were unjustly imprisoned for years drawing parallels with the court hearing against Julian Assange. He expressed his conviction that whatever happens at court in two to three years it will be widely accepted that Julian Assange should not be prosecuted and should not go to US.

Lisa Longstaff from Women Against Rape and the Cross roads centre in Kentish Town who for years campaigned against the witch-hunt of Julian Assange, reminded us the WikiLeaks revelations about the war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and the plight of men women and children there. She reminded us that Julian Assange’s life is in the hands of Home Office Minister Priti Patel and her government who are notorious in trampling Human Rights and introducing into law brutal legislation against refugees arriving in this country.

The passing traffic overwhelmingly voted with their horns, beeping to Free Julian Assange!

Rebecca Vincent from Reporters without borders said that we must re-double our efforts to try to influence the Home Secretary as this has always been a political case. It is not too late for the government to do the right thing to protect press freedom and adhere to their own international obligations. Reporters without Borders have launched a new online petition specifically targeting the Home Secretary.

Watch the interview of Academic, Trade Unionist and Legal observer for the Holden Society of Socialist lawyers Deepa Driver talking about the significance of the day. She talks about Home Minister Priti Pater and the case about press freedom and democracy.

Stella Assange speaks in defence of Julian Assange:

Jeremy Corbyn speaks in defence of Julian Assange:

Really grateful for all the photographs and videos by Joe Brack and ‘Madbloke’. Here are some photos from the event, in solidarity #FreeAssange.



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