What are the talking points of the Conservative party on the latest developments in the Julian #Assange case?

Two WikiLeaks supporters who have written to their Members of parliament using the Don’t Extradite Assange Email your MP electronic tool  have received identical answers from their MP who happen to be with the Conservative Party. Both were written on behalf of the their MPs Julia Lopez and Grant Shapps.

Here it is:

‘Name of MP’ is aware that in a hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court, the judge who oversees extradition requests has authorised the case to be sent to the Home Secretary for her final decision. This follows a Supreme Court ruling last month that Mr Assange’s case raised no legal questions over assurances the US had given the UK over how he is likely to be treated. The Home Secretary must now decide whether the US’ request for Mr Assange meets the remaining legal tests.

As you will be aware, in 2019, the Home Secretary signed an extradition warrant, following a request by the US Department of Justice. In making this decision, the then Home Secretary had limitations on what could be considered, in line with the Crime and Courts Act 2013; judgments on human rights or health issues can only be made in court. As you would expect, the Home Secretary will give due regard to the courts’ rulings in Mr Assange’s case.

If you have received answers from your MPs send it to us at jadc@protonmail.ch and we will publish it here.

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1 Response to What are the talking points of the Conservative party on the latest developments in the Julian #Assange case?

  1. Allen Jasson says:

    Yes, this is a classic illustration of the factory production approach being used in the fake news and “Democracy theatre” being used to maintain the public illusion that a social contract exists and is being honoured. It will stave off revolution until reality bites. In the meantime, it provides a filthy nest harbouring vermin the likes of Lopez and Shapps.I’ve had several direct dealings with shapps over the years, regarding Julian Assange and the Palestine issue and I’ve also heard and seen many instances of his disgusting duplicitous behaviour alongside deliberate attempts to bask in the sunshine of other peoples’ achievements, sometimes on issues where he either opposed or refused help. The man is utterly without principle or conscience.Certainly not worth writing to other than to make the point – as has been the means to revealing outcome. Thank you for publishing this fact. It helps to expose the fraud of our political system.

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