#FreeJulianAssange #JailTheWarCriminals outside Windsor Palace during Tony Blair’s knighting ceremony with #StopTheWarCoalition

Photos and report by EF Press

Watch Julian Assange releasing The Iraq War Logs in 2010, the year his US persecution started.

13 June 2022 Windsor Castle

#JulianAssange supporters join Stop the War protestors and many others to demand the divestiture of Tony Bliar from this enoblement to the lofty heights of the unaccountable Knights of the Garter, once an ancient order of trusted sycophants, now more of a reward for war criminality moral corruption.

Unlike Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC DPP MP, whose knighthood came after his disastrous turn as DPP, a thank you for such brazen wilful ignorance of the Public Interest by persecuting whistleblowers & journalists using craven lawfare, Tony’s crimes precede this honour by decades.

This long, a generation away, long enough for a collecive memory of horror to subside? Wrong. We can never forget. We can never forgive until an account is made of his true legacy. No statue, no medal, no favour can endure whilst this injustice remains.


Raise your voice in defence of the Truth about the wars, about those forces who defy the will of the people and jail the truth tellers whilst reward the war criminals!

How obscene that those who embody all that is undemocratic in our society honour a war criminal! One has to ask are these events anything to do with the truth of the Iraq war? The imperial Red hides well the blood of the women and children of Iraq! How is this pomp and extravagance anything to do with Britain’s reality for the 99.99% of people who actually carry all this expense, including the expense of the wars waged in our name but without our consent?



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3 Responses to #FreeJulianAssange #JailTheWarCriminals outside Windsor Palace during Tony Blair’s knighting ceremony with #StopTheWarCoalition

  1. Mel says:

    Yes, Raymond. Instead, he was knighted. Proud to see at least one familiar face from the Assange people at Windsor protesting Blair’s sick elevation. Free Assange now.yi

  2. Raymond Comeau says:

    Julian Assange is a hero. ! Tony Blair is a bloody war criminaal and should bearrested, tried and imprisoned.

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