Marking Julian Assange’s 51st Birthday outside HMP Belmarsh Sunday 03/7/22 12-3pm – Join us!

Join in celebrating the 51st Birthday of Political prisoner Julian Assange. We go close to where his heart beats at Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh with a celebratory solidarity vigil. We shall listen to music inspired by his struggle, poetry, make speeches, share food, cut a cake in his honour and walk up to the gates for some loud chanting.

This year we are hosting a string of art performances during our vigil. The event is supported by Free Assange Wave.

Join us!


How to get there: Get to Plumstead Rail Station or Woolwich Arsenal Rail Station and catch the 244/380 bus to HMP Belmarsh

How to get to Plumstead https:

How to get to Woolwich Arsenal:

Bus 380 route:
Bus 244 route:

Location: HMP Belmarsh, Western Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0EB

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13 Responses to Marking Julian Assange’s 51st Birthday outside HMP Belmarsh Sunday 03/7/22 12-3pm – Join us!

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  2. Dee says:

    Happy Birthday Julian,
    We are all with you in spirit, stay strong.
    The world is watching!
    Sending you love and light 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Mariusz Gaj says:

    Happy Birthday Julian ! May God bless you

  4. Lorraine and all at Team Assange says:

    Happy Birthday dear Julian. We all love you and yours – very much. You are always in our thoughts. .
    And all of us carry you – inside our hearts. All our love – from Lorraine and all at Team Assange. Xxxx

  5. Nakita says:

    Julian, your persecution and sacrifice do not go unnoticed – the majority of us see your love of humanity and of country and with it, a timeless truth that we must today and everyday consider and accept: doing the right thing always comes at great personal cost and sheds light on the necessarily complex questions we must ask ourselves about truth, responsibility, civic duty, and legacy. It is for this reason that we gather to celebrate you today, and where collective desire and will and good are a force for good, stand by you in your time of need as you have all of us.

  6. Querido Julian, todos aprendemos que luchar por ti también es luchar por nosotros, por nuestros hijos, por todo lo que creemos, por una nueva humanidad sin criminales en el poder. Fuerza! estamos todos contigo, esperando festejar tu Libertad y una verdadera Justicia!

  7. Michelle Aslanides says:

    Julian: como a los nazis les va a pasar, a donde vayan los iremos a buscar!
    Stay strong, we are coming to get you out of there

  8. Patricia Dahl says:

    Dear Julian, you are the moral beacon of the world and we are continually inspired by the example of your dedicated life. Truth will win. We stand with you and love you.

    • Mariusz Gaj says:

      Drogi Julian Assange pisze z Polski i dlatego uzywam macierzystego jezyka. Choc nie jest tak jakbysmy sobie tego zyczyli badz dobrej mysli. Niech Cie Bog Blogoslawi

  9. Margaret Nelmes says:

    Birthday Greetings, Julian. We are with you in spirit and working to help you so don’t despair.

  10. Happy Birthday Julian. We do not stop until you are free. God bless and keep you safe.

    • Mary Currell says:

      Happy Birthday Julian! Sooooo many people around the world are thinking of you and sending you love and prayers on your special day. Thank you for being a man of courage, integrity, compassion and truth! His Holiness the Dalai Lama says to “Never give up”…we are with you always…you are our Hero! Sending you, Stella & the boys and your family much love from Liverpool, England. “All you need is love” …Hip Hip Hooray!” “Hip Hip Hooray!” “Hip Hip Hooray!” Mary

  11. Patrick Kenny says:

    Happy Birthday Julian. Stay strong we are all with you and will strive to set you free.

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