New #FreeAssange South Coast Group active in the Chichester area and beyond joins the fight to defend the WikiLeaks publisher!

Proud to introduce the new #FreeAssange South Coast Group active in the Chichester area and beyond. JADC has been supplying some much needed materials to support this excellent initiative by local supporters. Here is a brief report of their actions:

#FREE ASSANGE SOUTH COAST GROUP were in and around the Chichester area for some days promoting Hacking Justice that was shown on 14th & 15th August 2022 in the New Park Cinema, and the beautiful Picture Palace, during their Film Festival. We engaged with current supporters (bringing them up to date) and also reached out to those who had not even heard of Julian. We are delighted to report that the Chichester event was hugely successful with an 80% capacity in both venues. We displayed supporting banners, posters and yellow ribbons for Julian.

In the coming weeks we will be distributing the Human Chain Surrounding Parliament leaflets together with the Five Ways leaflets along the south coast as its absolutely essential to get as many boots on the ground in London at 1pm on 8th October.

We are all Assange and collectively we all demand Justice and Freedom for Julian. Julian’s Freedom is Our Freedom there for Julian and for all other journalists, and also for your children and your grandchildren as their future is at stake.

08/10/22 Rain or shine BOOTS ON THE GROUND please!


New Groups are starting up up and down the country, if you want to start your own group contact for materials: Posters, flyers, banners in support of Julian Assange! Join the fight to Free the #WikiLeaks publisher!

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