8th October 2022 – A Human Chain surrounding the Houses of Parliament Our #FreeAssange message was loud and clear! Watch the video of the Human Chain produced by @Richardcings

Since Saturday the 8th of October Julian Assange has been spending 24 hours a day trapped in a 3 by 2 metre cell suffering alone with the effects of covid. How long will his ordeal last? For 12 years he has experienced the gradual limiting of his freedom year by year as the USA’s revenge has been exacted on the publisher of Wikileaks.org, a website laden with the sighs, the hopes of thousands of contributors whose anonymity Julian Assange has protected.

For every URL published Julian Assange has put his freedom on the line. Now that his freedom has been taken away by keen servants of the darkest corners within the US security establishment, it is up to us to move heaven and earth to break those chains around him. Easy it is not but struggle we must, for our own freedoms are gone if he is lost and the greatest injustice is perpetrated on an innocent man, a hero of the people!

To this is venomous revenge of a military giant who designates published Words as enemy of the state we joined hands, surrounding the Houses of Commons and Lords in London demanding freedom for Julian Assange the publisher of these Words. Against this dehumanising assault on our right to know the truth we project our humanity and we will prevail because this is how we have survived and thrived through the centuries. Together we stood side by side, thousand of us. Join us!

Can you see yourself in the footage? take the journey through this video made available to JADC by Richard Ings you will find them on twitter @Richardcings so grateful for this work.

The event was covered by:

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