Julian #Assange said: People often ask ‘what can I do?’ the answer is not so difficult: Learn Challenge Act Now

More than 10 years ago, on a cold December evening standing outside the Ecuadorian Embassy I listened to what Julian Assange had to say marking six months of being under siege by Metropolitan Police 24/7. His strongest message to supporters was:

Julian Assange: “The power of people speaking up and resisting together terrifies corrupt and undemocratic power. So much so that ordinary people here in the West are now the enemy of governments, an enemy to be watched, an enemy to be controlled and to be impoverished.

True democracy is not the White House. True democracy is not Canberra. True democracy is the resistance of people, armed with the truth, against lies, from Tahrir to right here in London. Every day, ordinary people teach us that democracy is free speech and dissent.

For once we, the people, stop speaking out and stop dissenting, once we are distracted or pacified, once we turn away from each other, we are no longer free. For true democracy is the sum – is the sum – of our resistance.

If you don’t speak up – if you give up what is uniquely yours as a human being: if you surrender your consciousness, your independence, your sense of what is right and what is wrong, in other words – perhaps without knowing it, you become passive and controlled, unable to defend yourselves and those you love.

People often ask, “What can I do?”

The answer is not so difficult.

Learn how the world works. Challenge the statements and intentions of those who seek to control us behind a facade of democracy and monarchy.

Unite in common purpose and common principle to design, build, document, finance and defend.

Learn. Challenge. Act.


For these words the WikiLeaks publisher has been hated by those who tried to control us under the facade of democracy and monarchy. He has been under house arrest for 18 months, besieged in the confines of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for six and a half years, dragged through courts, suffered psychological torture, imprisoned in maximum security prison in the UK since April 10th 2019.

Grassroots activists in the London area are active every week in support of Julian Assange, enjoy below some of this Week’s solidarity actions in the streets of London:

Wednesday 25th of October 2023 outside Australia House 3-5pm

Saturday 28th of October 2023 outside Belmarsh Prison 13:30-14:00

Saturday 28th of October Information desk at Woolwich market 11-13:00

Saturday 28th of October Piccadilly Circus 4-6pm

Grateful for EF Press and Madbloke for the photos and videos.

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