9-10 April – Bradley Manning Solidarity Weekend

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The Bradley Manning Support Network have called for a Solidarity Weekend on 9-10 April.

“Bradley Manning Solidarity Weekend is a call to socially conscious artists and organizers across the country and world to propel Bradley Manning to pop-culture status through artistic expression before he goes to trial.

“Art is the primary tool and cornerstone of our organizing strategy, and we encourage art in all forms including, but not limited to, poetry, music, performance art, gallery exhibitions, and artistic public demonstrations.


“These dynamic displays of creativity have the potential to substantially challenge and reshape Bradley’s narrative in the eyes of the public while simultaneously raising awareness of the conditions under which he is being held and contributing to his legal defense fund. All of which helps him take the steps toward the freedom he deserves.

“Our goal is to put energy into something that will last longer than a protest on a street corner, so get creative! Open mics, concerts, plays, exhibits! Go outdoors! Go public! Go big!”

Anyone up for doing the same in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England? Any ideas, given short notice?

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