8 April – Public Meeting for Bradley Manning in Dublin

Correction and apology

The article below makes reference to Chelsea Manning passing through Ireland’s Shannon airport en route to Iraq.

We now know from direct communication with Chelsea that this was not the case and that she did not pass through Shannon airport at any time, although nearly 2.5 million other US soldiers have done so. The use of Shannon by the US military is an ongoing and contentious issue in Ireland.

The information apparently came from a member of Manning’s Unit and was passed onto us in good faith by a trusted source. We apologise for this error and any confusion it has caused.

WISE Up, May 2015

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Free Bradley Manning! Demilitarise Shannon Airport! End the War!

WHEN? Friday 8 April at 8pm

WHERE? Wynn’s Hotel, 35-39 Lower Abbey St., Dublin 1.


“The last place Bradley Manning was before he was in a war zone, and then in chains, was Ireland. Like tens of thousands of young Americans who preceeded him, Manning passed through Shannon Airport (a defacto U.S. military base in neutral Ireland)… to his fate. 4,000 of these young Americans returned home in body bags (their corpses wisely shipped through Saudi not Shannon), 10,000 with injuries they will never recover from…

“We Irish slapped Bradley Manning, and these hundreds of thousands of young Americans, on the back, sold them duty free and sent them to their predictable fate! Under the ancient rules of Irish and global hospitality Bradley Manning is partly our responsibility. This young man was our guest in Ireland and we sent him on his way into a danger we were well aware of, without a word of warning.” Ciaron O’Reilly

HARRY BROWNE, Journalism Lecturer D.I.T.
Author, Political Commentator.
CIARON O’REILLY, Giuseppe Conlon House, London.
Pitstop Ploughshares.
FRANK CORDARO, Des Moines Catholic Worker (U.S.A.)
B52 Plowshares.

MUSIC by Joe Black and Steve Jacobs (U.S.)

FREE ENTRY. Donations to cover costs appreciated.

MORE INFORMATION: Afri: 01 882 7563, Mairtin: 086 103 5091 or email ciaronx@yahoo.com

This event is supported by Afri, 134 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7.

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