About this blog and the WISE Up network

WISE Up blog

This blog is now using the url wiseupaction.info although all previous links to wiseupforbradleymanning.wordpress.com will still work.

Although originally focusing on Chelsesa (formerly known as Bradley) Manning, members of our network have been taking action in solidarity with Julian Assange from the outset, as well as with others – English war resister Michael Lyons for example.

This blog will continue to report on our activities. We hope that our reports inspire and encourage others to get involved in solidarity work, wherever you may be.

WISE Up network

WISE Up is a Welsh, Irish (all Ireland), Scottish and English grassroots solidarity network for Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. Individuals and groups connect via this blog and its email lists to share information, ideas and resources and to report on actions and events in support of Chelsea and Julian.

We encourage action and active participation, be it through joining events listed here on the blog, or by organising your own events. Please feel free to contribute to the blog by telling us about your solidarity actions – send us your words and pictures in a report, and we’ll post it to the blog to share with others. Even small, simple events can be really effective in spreading awareness of Chelsea and Julian, and inspiring and encouraging others to get involved.

Join the campaign! Free Chelsea Manning! Protect Julian Assange!

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  1. Christoffer says:

    Hi! I´m just an ordinary citizen in Sweden. But I´m way more active than my fellow citizens,
    when it comes to case Assange/Manning. I don´t believe for one second that Assange has
    commited a crime against this woman. There´s to much going on with deleted blogs. Sites that
    has been removed etc. But all of this could be recovered thanks to dedicated technicians and hackers.

    Let’s focus on Manning. What the U.S. is doing in this case is (in my opinion) that they cowardly and easily move attention away from the real bad guys. They ignore the fact that a crime has been committed abroad. Instead they focus on shooting the messenger who informed the world about what is happening. It makes me furious. Both Manning and Assange should be hailed as heroes.

    Sorry. I just needed to ventilate some thoughts…
    Need any help from Sweden? Just send me an e-mail.


    Any misspelling or incorrect grammar? Google translate´s fault. =)

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