About this site and the WISE Up Action network

WISE Up Action is a solidarity network for groups and individuals active in Wales, Ireland, Scotland & England (W.I.S.E.!) in support of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

We campaign on the streets and online, organise support events; distribute information and resources within the home countries; provide speakers for, and raise awareness at, appropriate events; and maintain this site – http://wiseupaction.info – as a public resource providing background (and ongoing) information, and as a blog, posting campaign updates, events’ announcements and reports.

As a grassroots network we share information, ideas and resources with one another and connect via an email group which you can join here (or you can contact admin here).

We co-ordinate a parallel campaign – Manning Family Fund – to support Chelsea Manning’s Wales-based family. See the dedicated website here.

Please get involved by joining events listed here (‘Upcoming Events’) on this site, or by organising your own events. Let us know here (contact) if you want help with resources, information, speakers, or advice.

Please feel free to contribute to the blog by telling us about solidarity actions you have organised – send us (see contact ) your words and pictures in a report, and we’ll post it to the blog to share with others.

Free Chelsea Manning! Support Julian Assange!

Please join in! Even small, simple events can be really effective in spreading awareness and inspiring and encouraging others to get involved.

Follow us on twitter @WISEUpAction & @WISEUpWales. See also @greekemmy



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