Statement by Ecuador on Assange 13th August 2015

NB This is taken from three online translations and is not a direct translation so may well contain inaccuracies. All corrections very welcome. See also these comments. and this statement

Pro tem translation of official statement by Ecuador on Julian Assange vis a vis Sweden, UK: 

At the prescibing today of three of the four cases opened by the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office on citizen Julian Assange, confined in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, the National Government states the following:

It regrets that closure for Mr. Assange has already been prolonged for more than three years.

It notes with satisfaction that the Swedish Penal guarantees have prevented the continued prolongation of a case whose paralysis has affected effective judicial protection for the Asylee, although it would have preferred that these three now prescribed charges had been clarified long ago and in time to see justice done. To this effect, the Government of Ecuador highlights again that on 31 occasions during the last three years it has said it was available to facilitate the legal proceedings opened in Sweden.

Whilst it welcomes the recent receptiveness shown by Sweden for talks with Ecuador, aimed at realising judicial cooperation between the two States, it deplores continued British and Swedish authorities’ inaction for nearly a thousand days of the Asylee’s stay in the Embassy – time in which both have ignored the proposals and calls of the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry to the dialogue.

It now looks to the upcoming talks with the Swedish authorities with the conviction and the commitment to both respect and ensure respect for human rights – including the status in international law afforded to political asylum – as well as with the aim of reaching an agreement that will resolve in good faith the legitimate expectations of the parties.

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  1. Theresa Daly says:

    I think that Mr. Assange’s human rights have been ignored by Sweden. I hope that now the Swedish will accept Ecuador’s invitation to complete the interrogation of Mr. Assange in the Embassy and finally close the 4th charge against him. Some news reports are calling for an investigation into the behavior of Marianne Nye, Swedish Prosecutor for misconduct. Ecuador has done a great job in giving him a way to live with political asylum; yet he has expressed that his limited physical space, no way to spend time outside, and this extreme limitation on his activities has endangered his health and kept him from his family. This is a violation of all International Human Rights laws and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Mr. Assange’s mother says she has been weeping for years over the lack of action to free her son. I can only hope that Sweden at last and the UK will get the final negotiations done to close the case and let Mr. Assange be free to continue with his life.

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