Australian Graeme Dunstan on trial 19th August

For the Collateral Murder video, footage of Graeme Dunstan and Brian Law’s Ploughshares action and what you can do to help as Graeme comes before the courts, see this page or the Peace Convergence blog.

Murdered, traumatised, jailed, tortured, surrounded, on trial…

AUSTRALIAN Graham Dunstan ON TRIAL AUGUST 19th, ROCKHAMPTON, AUSTRALIA for “beating helicopter gunship swords into ploughshares”, a nonviolent intervention against ongoing war and Talisman Sabre dress rehearsals for future invasions and wars.

VID (8.02) Graham Dunstan Police Interview, Rockhampton police station, Australia

IRAQI father MURDERED tending the wounded following helicopter gunship attack, Baghdad July 2007

VID (8:47) Extract from Collateral Murder footage

U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord RESCUED the critically wounded children of the Iraqi father, Baghdad July 2007. Now suffering with POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER

VID (17.21) Ethan speaks in public about the events in Baghdad July 2007

U.S. soldier Bradley Manning ARRESTED, TORTURED, COURT MARTIAL ONGOING. Arrested: Baghdad, Iraq 2010 – Court martial: Ft Meade NSA HQ, USA 2013. May be detained for the “term of his natural life”

VID (3.50) – “Almost Gone” by Graham Nash

AUSTRALIAN Julian Assange EXPOSED WAR CRIMES, JAILED, PUT UNDER HOUSE ARREST. Presently surrounded by London Met.

VID (4.39) London Woolwich Court/ Belmarsh Prison in February 2011, solidarity with Julian Assange.

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